Tips to make your Weddings more affordable and Budget Friendly


Winter season in India calls for a perfect and grand celebration of weddings. Winter weddings are the most romantic, cozy, and amazing. During winter celebrations, people enjoy themselves nicely and feel amazing. Everything during the winter season becomes mesmerizing. During winter, there are many weddings held, therefore, there are affordable banquet halls in South Delhi that cater to provide amazing services. Planning a wedding is not an easy task.

  • Choose a wedding planner: A wedding planner helps you through the wedding by carrying out different events of fun and celebration on the day of the wedding and the days following till the wedding. Hiring professionals for a wedding is very helpful. These professionals handle almost everything within a given budget, allowing you to enjoy it so that the ceremony is successful and memorable for the guests.
  • Location: location is an important factor as a good location benefits a lot. Every region and place in India has different weather conditions. One should always opt for a venue that provides both comfort and luxury. Ceremonies of marriage are performed both indoors and outdoors, therefore one should book a venue as such that these facilities are provided.
  • Proper lights and their usage: To keep your venue glowing, add charm to the wedding venue. An illuminating venue makes the ambiance look more mesmerizing. A wedding planner or venue decorator will arrange and adorn proper and beautiful lights at your venue like string lights, chandeliers, pillar candles, LED bulbs, fairy lights, and so on. The fantastic appearance of the wedding banquet gives a grand welcome to the venue.
  • Delicious Cuisine: what is a wedding celebration without proper food; there is traditional as well as different cuisine that one can relish. There can be cuisines like puddings, gajar ka halwa, hot Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, kulhad rabri, hot badam milk, and so on for people who have sweet tooth. Other savories also add a lasting impression on food like hot tea or coffee, pakodas, cheese fingers, and so on.
  • Book vendors carefully: if you are planning the wedding and food, choose the right vendors to make it through the wedding. Ensure that the vendors don’t run a shortage in supply. Therefore, invest both time and money in the right suppliers. Random booking of vendors can affect you, do research on vendors both online and offline and book the vendors for a minimum of 8 months beforehand.
  • Keep your guests happy and warm: you should make proper arrangements for your guests both in summer and winter season weddings. You must keep them comfortable and warm. Your guests will mention and remember all the good things but they won’t hesitate to comment on things if they are not provided properly or treated properly. Also, you must ensure that your guests are in good health and great spirit. Good beverages and proper arrangements of heaters, and air conditioners, also keep your guest warm, composed, and cozy. Proper blanket distribution, and tea and coffee distribution to all guests should be done who are waiting to see the entire marriage ceremony.
  • Proper styling of venue: wedding ceremony is more than food, décor, and events, at a first wedding, is a ceremony where two people form an important part in the lives each other. The right kind of wedding attire is done; themed wedding design is also done for more styling of the venue. The wedding attire of the bride and groom is the most crucial thing as they are the center of attraction as well as attention. One can wear velvet, silk, taffeta, etc. for their wedding. Brides are excited about their wedding attire; the best ones for them are silk or velvet fabrics outfits, such as lehenga or saree. One can even layer underneath your lehengas. Similarly, grooms who are marrying during winter can opt to wear warmers or thermals under their wedding outfits. Winter marriages call forth the groom and bride to be warm and safe for a better honeymoon they have next.


If you are planning for your wedding or planning a wedding for your family member, then you should follow all the tips for hosting a mesmerizing wedding. These tips can help you when you are residing in any corner of India and also in the capital of the country Delhi. Using these tips can make your wedding grand, magnificent, amazing, and memorable and a well-planned perfect dream wedding. So if you wish to plan weddings, consider all these points for a successful wedding in any season, be it winter or summer. There are certain tips by which you can make your wedding grand at friendly budget banquet halls in west Delhi during the winter season:



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