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The saree is still one of the favourite attire of Indian women. It does not matter how much we are influenced by western fashion, saree still holds a prominent place in the hearts of Indian women. If you are a saree lover, you must have heard of Chanderi sarees. Chanderi is a town located in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated in the Vindhyachal ranges and the Betwa river passes nearby the town. Chanderi is known for its historical heritage and flourished economically with time because of its strategic location in central India. Chanderi Silk Sarees are famous all over the country for their beauty, unique texture, lightweight, pastel shades, and intricate motifs.

The history of Chanderi Sarees and Chanderi itself appear to be intertwined. It is also said that the ancient Vedic classic Mahabharata referred to Chanderi Sarees. There is some disagreement over whether the pearl-embroidered sari mentioned in the Mahabharata refers to Chanderi sarees. However, Chanderi sarees have a history that dates back to the 13th or 14th century AD.

Chanderi weaves were initially resurrected when the royal family of Scindia gave the craft support in 1910. It was at this time that Chanderi weaving began to use gold thread designs. But throughout the 1920s, when the British used to dominate the country, this craft suffered. At this time, they started importing lower-quality mill-made yarns from Manchester via Kolkata, which had a negative impact on the market for hand-spun cotton chanderis. With the introduction of Japanese silk in the wrap and cotton yarns being kept in the weft of chanderi sarees, the quality of chanderi sarees and chanderi fabric declined in the 1930s.

After independence in 1947 Chanderi sarees and fabric again started proliferating. Now many artisans in our country are in the business of making Chanderi sarees. We are describing some beautifully handcrafted Chanderi Saree below. You should experience these Chanderi Sarees if you are a saree lover.

Kumuda Chanderi Saree (With Blouse)

Kumuda Chanderi Saree

This stunning red and block saree is painstakingly hand-printed utilizing complex wooden blocks. This saree’s palla is decorated with vines of Indian night lotuses and displays hand-block printed traditional designs on wooden blocks. Get this beautifully crafted Chanderi Saree from Craft Maestros online store. Most of the artisans working along with Craft Maestros are National Awardees in their respective crafts.

Odra Chanderi Saree (With Blouse)

Odra Chanderi Saree

This saree, which features a symphony of numerous patterns and designs, is a masterwork of block printing in earthy tones. Just look at the beauty of this saree. You can wear this on any occasion. To get this Odra Chanderi Saree, you need to visit the Craft Maestros store. You might be thinking why you should buy Chanderi Saree from the store we are mentioning. Well the reason is simple and clear that the assurance of originality you get when you get your order from Craft Maestros. They build a chain of India’s best artisans who are renowned in the handicraft sector.

Rangoli Chanderi Saree (With Blouse)

Rangoli Chanderi Saree

This Chanderi saree is a riot of color and showcases the delicacy of block printing. The floral designs and sparkling golden border coordinate flawlessly, giving the saree a lively personality all its own. India’s best artisans have crafted this beautiful chanderi saree. There are various shops and stores that deal in duplicate chanderi saree. We are requesting you to get full surety about the authenticity of the product you are buying. When you order a saree from Craft Maestros you will get a proper certificate signed by the artisans who have crafted that piece. Also, the product looks the same as that you see on their website.



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