Best Hand Sewing Machine

Best hand sewing machine

Numerous individuals aspire to begin sewing but are unfamiliar with the intricate characteristics of electric sewing machines. For those folks, the hand sewing machine is the finest choice. The best thing is that these machines are less expensive than those electronic sewing machines while having a very simple operation.

Many additional functions that are not included in the conventional manual sewing machine are featured in current sewing machines. However, because of their endurance, these conventional devices cannot be replaced by their electronic counterparts. High-quality metals are used to construct manual sewing machines, which are very durable. These sewing machines have a 35–40 year lifespan before breaking down. The top hand sewing machines are reviewed in this article.

1. Singer Tailor Delux Straight Stitch Hand Sewing Machine

This hand sewing machine with a Delux straight stitch is reasonably priced. Its base assembly is made of plastic. The machine is of excellent quality and is long-lasting.

All the standard functions, including a foot presser, adjustable thread tension, a bobbin winding spool, etc., are included in this machine. It is built of high-quality materials and has a classic appearance. The business offers two distinct models at two different pricing points. Anyone is your choice. For more details check pricegoogly’s blog.

The machine comes with an additional needle. This needle can handle thick cloth and is quite powerful. You may arrange it on the surface as needed by removing the plastic base. You may also install a motor in place of a handle if you choose. The manufacturer’s guarantee on this item is two years.

2. Usha Hand Operated Sewing Machine (NOVA Model)

This Usha brand sewing machine is a cutting-edge contemporary model. You will undoubtedly adore this complementary appearance. The body of this machine is composed of die-cast aluminum. This substance is incredibly light. This device becomes portable and lightweight as a result.

This sewing machine was just introduced by Usha under the USHA NOVA brand. The USHA NOVA model and USHA NOVA pro model are two variations.

A hand-operated sewing machine with comparable functionality is this one. It also offers a tonne of extra functions, like an integrated LED light, a thread cutter, an automated bobbin winder, etc. This sewing machine features a dialer that includes a calibrated thread tension adjustment, allowing you to change the tension.

It features handles on top and a plastic base assembly. The fabric selector knob will make it easier for you to modify your stitches to match the cloth. The manufacturer offers a one-year guarantee on this product.

3. LUXMI Family Composite Sewing Machine

Since 1949, Luxmi has been a well-known brand in India. They consistently offer high-quality sewing machines for a very reasonable price.

You may use a handle to manually move the shuttle on this machine, a treadle, or, if you prefer, you can attach a motor by simply removing the handle.

Presser’s feet are slide-style, making it simple to connect and detach them. The needle plate has a slight type and is bent. One screw to change the thread tension is located on the left side. Its bobbin winding is automatic. The machine comes with a plastic cover that may be used to store it while not in use. You can also visit for more information.

If you stitch by hand, the machine produces 800 stitches per minute; if you stitch by a treadle, 1200 stitches per minute. But it all depends on the person. The machine is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

4. REENA Singer Magna Cast Iron Sewing Machine

This machine has a lovely vintage appearance. Base assembly, however, is not included with the item. You can put this machine over the machine table you currently have if you have it installed previously.

Due to the lack of a base assembly, this machine is impossible to ignore. This product is of the highest caliber. This device is ideal for both domestic and professional use. It only has to be properly oiled to provide hassle-free, continuous operation under severe use.

The remaining characteristics are all types of other sewing machines. From the date of purchase, you will receive a year of warranty.

5. Pargat Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine (Black)

Pragat ships goods all over the world. They sell high-quality goods. This machine just arrived, and it has a fantastic wooden foundation. Although wood adds weight, it guarantees the base’s quality and resilience.

You will eventually learn how to control the wheel with your hands. This handle is readily removable so you may use a treadle table instead. This sewing machine is composite and composed of premium cast iron.

The thread tension may be adjusted with one screw. If you’d like, you may take the machine’s included wooden base off and set it on a tabletop. All the other typical features are present. Every type of material may be used with its own foot presser, and the length and placement of the stitches can be changed. The manufacturer offers a one-year guarantee on the device.


These are the highest-quality hand sewing machines we could find in India. Depending on your needs and financial situation, you can select anyone. These devices are composed of extremely durable, high-quality materials and are long-lasting. In cases of heavy usage, not even automatic sewing machines can take the place of this machine.



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