Bubble Letter C

A step-by-step drawing manual for your bead letter C The letter C is a letter that we use frequently. Many words start with this letter, and even more have it somewhere in the word. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, Puppy drawing and flower drawing.

When written consistently, it’s one of the most accessible letters. It is a curved line, whether small or in the form of a capital letter. Although it’s easy to write, learning to draw a speech bubble with the letter C can be trickier. This is because there are a lot of curved lines to draw, which can be tricky to do smoothly!

Let’s start


It’s pretty simple but might be more complicated than it looks. The reason is that it is easy to make the line jagged or uneven accidentally. To avoid this, we recommend going slow while drawing the line. Attempt to hold your hand regularly and gradually observe the angle of the bar. If you have a problem saving the line fluffy and uniform, you can use a pencil to draw the line for exercise. When you have the beginning of the letter, as seen in our reference image, you can go over it with a darker pencil or pen. Once you’re satisfied with how it examines, we can dance 2!


If you can, combine the previous step and this one into one smooth line. If you split it into two lines, keep your hand steady. Again, you can draw the second half of this line with a pencil, then run over it with your pen when you’re happy. Another method to remove it would be to use a graphic compass. This device will glide into your messenger and allow you to draw a semicircle. We only recommend this if you need help drawing the curved line, as it will make it too curved. When you have this left side of the C, you can move on to step 3.


Let’s start with the top one, which will curve from where the top line ended. If done right, it should be roughly the shape of a horseshoe. Once it’s drawn, we’ll repeat what we did, but on the bottom half of the C. It will be a mirror image of what you just did. As you can see in the reference image, a significant gap will be left near the center of the C. Don’t worry; we’ll fill it in very soon. In the next step of this guide, we’ll finish the outline, so it’s ready for a few more details and touches.


If you were drawing guidelines in pencil, now would be the best time to erase them before adding more touches.

Using a thick pen would be a great way to draw the last lines of the C, as they will make it look nice and bold. However, you can use any of your favorite drawing tools. It’s okay to make a few attempts at this design before you’re happy with how it looks, so take your time and have fun! Then you’re ready to add incredible details and touches in the next step.


The main goal of this step is to make bubble letter C. This means we will give the impression that it has some depth and reflects light. You can start by drawing two thin ovals, one larger than the other. In our layout, the larger is higher on the C, and the smaller is lower. Then we draw a few simple curved lines on the inside edge of the C outline. These should be added sparingly, as they are mainly there to give depth to the bubble.

Once these details are there, you are ready for some color! However, remember that you can also add some fun extra touches and details of your choice. You could draw fun patterns or pictures inside the outline to make it more unique! We’ll cover some fun ideas you can try out later, but we’ll focus on adding color for now.


Whatever colors you choose, you can use different shades similar to how we cultured our version. Doing a gradient of dark and light colors will make it look more like an object with depth than solid colors. Of course, solid colors can also be beautiful in their way! If you have drawn patterns or images inside the outline.

By James