How to Create Live Stream Fitness Classes in 2024

Fitness Classes

At-home workouts have been widely gaining popularity in the last few years. Which compelled fitness-conscious people to shift their gym to their home spaces. As at-home workouts persist in evolving and revolutionizing, live-streaming fitness classes have recently been hitting the front stage globally.

Big brands and companies have initiated the amazing idea of bringing workouts within the comfort of your four walls. Additionally, a much bigger thanks to the advanced streaming technology that is helping fitness instructors and studio owners stream workout videos effortlessly. Further, they are successful in reaching every fitness enthusiast’s living room no matter in which corner of the world they reside.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to gaining a deep insight into online fitness classes live. A step-by-step ultimate plan for creating streaming exercise classes, and the best platforms for live streaming fitness classes.

Understanding the Basics of Live Stream Fitness Classes

In case you’re a fitness instructor looking to reach a wider audience for your classes or planning to start a fitness business, live-streaming fitness classes can be a one-stop solution for you. With just a proper plan and a few steps, you can have virtual workout classes in minutes and have students from every corner of the world.

Live streaming fitness classes are an excellent approach to staying in tune with the wellness community. By offering these classes, you can make fitness more accessible to fitness enthusiasts despite their different time zones. You can further elevate your earning potential by breaking the restrictions of locations and conducting live online workout classes from anywhere and anytime.

Live Streamed vs. Pre-Recorded Fitness Classes

While our prime focus is on getting a deep insight into how to start a live-stream fitness class, it’s quite significant to understand it by establishing the difference between live-streamed and pre-recorded fitness classes. When it comes to virtual workout classes, both live-streamed and Pre-recorded fitness classes serve as invaluable modes. However, certain major distinctions make live-stream fitness classes a more effective choice.

The basic difference between the two is that live stream fitness classes are broadcast in real-time; on the contrary, pre-recorded classes is a live live-recorded beforehand and uploaded later based on demand and convenience.

Hence, the most amazing benefit of streaming fitness classes is that they allow you to interact live with the community at the moment and enable the person on the other side of the screen to feel the ambiance of the gym in their homes.

How to Create Live Stream Fitness Classes

Now that you’re well acquainted with the basics of live-stream fitness classes and their benefits over pre-recorded classes, it’s time to have a deep understanding of the entire process of creating live-stream fitness classes.

1. Make a Plan

Your first step towards creating live-stream fitness classes is to decide what type of online fitness classes you aspire to live-stream. This will help you to narrow down your approach and also help you know the types of equipment you need. You can build a successful online fitness business by providing the best streaming workouts for cardio, aerobics, Pilates, or strength training.

Being a certified yoga trainer, teaching yoga in your online fitness classes at your home’s comfort is also a brilliant idea to implement for gaining profit and popularity with little or no investment.

2. Choose a Live Streaming Platform

As a beginner, choosing Instagram Live, Facebook, or YouTube is a great way to let people know about your classes and attract students. However, if you see yourself as a successful fitness instructor or a yoga trainer in the coming decades. You must set yourself aside from the crowd and start thinking something out of the box.

The best tool can be owning or choosing a live streaming platform to host your virtual fitness classes live from anywhere you want. Why not go for an excellent video monetization platform like On the Fly? This all-in-one platform will help you reach a good audience that can turn into clients in no time.

3. Build a Virtual Fitness Studio

Now, it’s time to eat a big chunk of your plate, and that’s to set up your virtual fitness studio. This is highly significant since this is the exact place where your students can access your best streaming workouts easily. If you already have a studio site, you can add your fitness streaming experiences and testimonials to a page of your site, or you can even add it as a subdomain.

While creating your virtual fitness studio, make sure to keep the user experience as your top priority in the checklist.

4. Configure Your Streaming Setup

After setting up your virtual site successfully, it’s time to configure your streaming setup. Accumulate the tools and equipment that you need during your stream fitness classes. Get a good camera and an encoder. You’ll also need a tripod, microphone, and good lighting equipment near you. Your next task would be to find a space that’s excellent for carrying out your streaming exercise classes with zero disturbance from children or pets.

To finalize your setup, you must connect all of you to your live streaming equipment and take a deep breath to get set to go with your live-stream fitness classes.

5. Start Streaming

The moment your studio and streaming equipment are successfully set up. It’s time for you to connect with your new community by going live. There are multiple live streaming platforms, and it’s easy to go live with just a click on the “start streaming” button.

Remember to have a confident smile and good humor while you’re on your livestream. Your positive vibes will attract students, and you can engage them with witty conversations.

Best Platform for Live Streaming Fitness Classes

There are myriad options when it comes to choosing a platform for live-streaming exercise classes on the market. However, it’s important to pick the best one that comprises all the features you’ll need to manage your virtual studio.

Let’s have an unbiased exploration of some of the best platforms for live-streaming fitness classes:

● OnTheFly

This all-in-one solution creates, streams, hosts, broadcasts, and records live videos in a single streaming platform. OnTheFly’s most amazing feature is its multi-streaming facility. Which enables you to stream everywhere and broadcast on any social platform and any device.

● Brightcove

This best-in-class technology reliably and effortlessly allows you to distribute and monetize your content, ranging from live events to 24/7 linear channels.

● Uscreen

Uscreen takes your online presence to the next level with its powerful streaming platform. It features multi-Birate adaptive technology that allows you to experience uninterrupted live streaming.

● Wowza

This is another high-quality live streaming platform that delivers cutting-edge broadcasts to any device and allows you to connect with your community wherever they are.

● Maestro

This live-streaming platform helps you generate revenue through interactive live-streaming. You can easily create subscription services and much more.

● Muvi

With Muvi, you can securely deliver seamless live dreams to millions of audience members. With just one click, you can monetize your live streams with pay-per-view.


With a proper step-by-step process, you can effortlessly launch your streaming exercise classes in the comfort of your own home. If you’re planning to create your online live-streaming fitness classes, OnTheFly can be the best one-stop solution for you.

A little confidence, a step-by-step action, and OnTheFly’s live-streaming platform can help you transform your vision into reality by creating your virtual business studio and taking your fitness business to the zenith.



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