How to Finish Your Book Sooner and Offer It to the Market First?

Finish Your Book Sooner

Do you want to write and finish your book early to focus on its marketing? There are many instances where the authors sometimes publish the book before its release date. There is no significant reason behind this; it’s just their will. But if you are one of the authors or even a ghostwriter from a ghostwriting services agency working on their behalf of them, then this article is perfect for you. This article will tell you how to finish your book sooner and offer it to the market first. 

Ways to Finish Your book sooner:

1. Utilize your writing time wisely. 

Numerous pitfalls await the aspiring writer who is hoping to complete a book. Avoid pitfalls like researching rabbit holes. Make a note in the margin to look up more supporting information for your story later. 

Moreover, also avoid obtaining feedback too soon. To finish your book, you must especially ignore it if you are easily affected by critics. And lastly, ask for an auditor’s help searching for the ideal word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph. 

Every time you sit down to finish your book, writing a brief statement of purpose or intent might be helpful. Use this straightforward template to write clearly and finish your book.

2. Position Your Book Correctly in the Market 

Do you want to be stuck in writing and not make progress? If that is the case, you may start writing Without knowing exactly what your book will be about.

It’s comparable to trying to follow a recipe without even knowing if you have all the necessary ingredients on hand. It won’t work out well, and you’ll waste time if you must run to the store in the middle of cooking. 

You must be clear on your idea to finish your book if you don’t want to waste a lot of time writing in fruitless directions. 

Writing a book takes more than just putting your ideas on paper. Serving the reader’s interests and needs is the goal. Every good book needs to be placed correctly in the relevant genre and market before the author tries to write a book.

3. Possess a system to silence skepticism  

Because writers are prone to self-doubt, they can lose inspiration or motivation to keep going.

That’s why to stay away from negativity and stick-up quotes and motivational stickers that can help you keep going. To silence your skepticism and finish your book, try to do things that will clear it. Like, think about completing a second writing assignment. It might be beneficial to plan another project, preferably in a different genre. You then have another story to concentrate on whenever you need a break from the one you’re working on. 

Keep a journal. Put this aside and continue writing after you’ve written down the parts of your current project you’re unsure about. 

When it comes time to revise your work, your worries will be helpful. Finish your book for the time being in whatever disorganized form it requires, and give yourself full permission to be “bad” for the time being. 

4. Break It Up into Smaller Pieces 

It’s simple to become disoriented when you look at the entire project. If you know the exact amount of writing you must do each day, you will spend less time on it. 

That’s why you must always set a word count objective. However, don’t make unrealistic word count objectives. Don’t make it too much or too less. If you are writing 250 words daily, what good are you producing? Two hundred fifty words are roughly the number of words that can be printed on a book page. A page a day might seem like a modest target. 

But setting a modest goal is a good place to start. The daily time commitment required for writing won’t intimidate you. And when you push past that 250-word goal and keep going, you’ll feel fantastic. 

A book can be written in a few hours a day. Maintain consistency if you want to finish your book. Try setting a time goal instead of—or in addition to—your word count objectives. No matter what, you can’t get up from your chair for the next 25 minutes. 

5. Create a Book Outline

It’s no longer a secret that outlines are effective. If your content is unfocused, it won’t matter much if you can crank out 3,000 words per hour. And a strong outline provides you with that guidance. 

One of the many causes of writer’s block for writers is either the absence of an outline or an inadequately written one. Writer’s block will likely not be an issue if your outline is well-structured and detailed, with all the ideas, chapters, and sections flowing logically. 

You are no longer in writing mode when you have to pause and consider your next move. Instead, we become perplexed and frustrated before switching to research mode. 

Your book’s outline serves as its road map. Without it, writing is laborious and slow. The writing process is more productive when the outline is well-structured. When chapters flow into one another and ideas are combined and clustered, you’ll write a book more quickly. You won’t need to stop writing because your outline will be well-organized and flow smoothly. 

6. Set daily goals:

Any task must be a goal you are dedicated to achieving for you to complete it. Only motivation and dedication can’t get you through the work. There are a lot of reasons why writers give up writing. Their goals can be unrealistic and take more time to complete than originally anticipated. Or the goal was harder to achieve than originally anticipated. That’s why make sure that you make your Goals SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based objectives. 

Can you release the book early to the market? 

Some retailers make an effort to honor the release date. Others don’t. Some people order books very early. Others don’t. Even if the publication date has passed, some people will leave books boxed up until they get around to putting them out. With the exception of really large books like Twilight, Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson, there is always a chance of discovering it early. If you want to publish your book beforehand, you can. You don’t need to notify anyone about it (but it would be better to announce it and notify it for marketing purposes).


Push yourself to write a book more quickly each time. See how many words or pages you can write in an hour by applying the five suggestions above. To determine your speed and whether you will make it to the editor in time to format it, time yourself. Create a schedule and stick to it if you want to release your work early. 



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