Keep Your Shopify Store Mobile-Friendly – 5 Mobile Commerce Trends to Increase Sales

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According to statistics, mobile commerce is expected to reach a staggering $856 billion by 2027. This is enough to portray that the total amount of shoppers purchasing via mobile devices will increase manifold.

So, if you’re planning on increasing conversions for your Shopify store, make sure to integrate the latest mobile commerce trends to stay ahead of the curve. This blog will act as a guide to make you aware of the 5 latest mobile commerce trends that can help skyrocket the sales of your Shopify store, and will also throw light on the benefits of hiring Shopify store development services.

5 Latest Mobile Commerce Trends To Boost Your Shopify Store Sales

· Payment Options and Flexibility

Rigidity in payment options is one of the major reasons why a majority of users abandon carts across online stores. So, along with traditional payment methods like COD, or credit cards, try introducing digital payment options like Apple Pay, or Google Pay for flexible payment options. Also, consider integrating “buy now pay later” options to entice budget-conscious users. Added to that, one-click checkout options are also instrumental in making payment processes convenient and seamless, thereby attracting more users.

· Enhanced Customer Experience With AR/ VR

Notice how Amazon has a “view in your room” option or Myntra allows a virtual trial option to make the buying process easier for customers? That’s two of the most effective instances of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) integration into online shopping sites. This increases customer engagement manifold, increasing the confidence of buyers during purchases, thereby leading to higher conversions.

· Incorporation of Subscription-based Models

Professional Shopify development services in India like Digital Concepts understand that customer retention is crucial for the effective maintenance of a steady revenue stream for your store. That’s the reason why they try offering subscription-based models for customers who are likely to reorder soon. Added to that, they also help you set up and customize subscription-based models as per your requirements for your Shopify store.

· Integration of Voice Search and Smart Assistance

Gone are the days when people used to type for their favorite product/ service on the search bar to look for them. Nowadays, Siri and Alexa are our greatest partners to assist in voice search options. Hiring a Shopify developer in India allows you to utilize the expertise of a professional who can effectively optimize product descriptions, and include long-tail keywords and key phrases that customers might use to search for products or services, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience.

· Chatbots for Faster Service

Your online Shopify store would be visible to at least a million users. Very naturally, these users might have queries and issues that call for instant resolution for an enhanced experience nowadays. Professional Shopify development services integrate AI-powered chatbots into your Shopify store, which helps to resolve customer queries and questions in the wink of an eye. This reduced waiting time translates to a convenient and seamless shopping experience, and also guarantees effective customer retention. Not only that, but these chatbots can also help troubleshoot issues and recommend relevant products to help customers in their purchasing journey.

The Goal- Staying Ahead of Competitors

In the present day and age of fierce competition, the goal of any online business whatsoever is to stay ahead of its competitors and enable a seamless user experience to stand out of the crowd. That’s the basic success mantra that you have to keep in mind to ensure higher inbound users and eventually, higher conversion rates for your online Shopify store.

Mobile commerce has engulfed nearly half of the total online sales since a majority of internet users browse through their smartphones nowadays. So, to stay ahead of the curve, you need to think of ways to enhance customer experience by integrating these latest mobile commerce trends in your Shopify stores.

Wrapping It Up

Outsourcing web development is one of the best and most effective ways to hire experts who can help integrate mobile commerce trends into your Shopify online store. This translates to an enhanced customer experience, which eventually helps bring more footfall to your online store, thereby increasing the chances of conversion radically.



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