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Wondering how to write college essays that are the best among your whole class? You got to the perfect place. Hundreds of students usually stay intimated by the idea of writing a college application essay. It is always challenging to write about one’s self in a flattering manner.

A few tried and tested tips can help you pen down a brilliant college essay. This article is a step-by-step guide to mastering the art of writing such academic documents. Our professional writers handpicked these expert tips to help you.

Let’s start with the basic college essay tips.

How to Write Perfect College Essays?

College essays are an important part of different college applications – something also called personal statements. Some institutes provide the students with a question or a prompt that they are supposed to answer in their college application essays.

You can also be asked to write a college essay all by yourself without any prior prompts. Generally, students have to state the reasons why they are applying to a particular school and tell the admission committee about themselves.

Here’s how you can write a good college essay for your dream institute.

Step 1: What’s Novel about Your Story?

The very first thing that you have to figure out is the story you want to share with your audience. Think about the premises of your work when you have to write college essays. If you already have a prompt, consider that half your work is already complete.

For instance, if you are planning to become a lawyer, you can choose to tell the admission committee how you figured out that law school is right for you. Add points to make them believe that their institute will help you achieve your goal, and you will be good to go!

Major Events in the Story

Once you figure out what you want to tell your readers about, it is time to add some twists and turns to your college essay. Keep in mind that your college application essay must be compelling enough to capture the attention of your intended audience. It does not need to be perfect, but it should be appealing and detailed.

You can ask the following questions (and write their answers) when you uniquely write college essays:

  1. Where do you belong, and where were you raised?
  2. Are there any specific life experiences that got you interested in your selected field?
  3. How did you keep your interest alive in high school?
  4. What were your hobbies and co-curricular activities during high school?
  5. Why did you, out of all, choose the college you are applying to?

Step 2: Organise Your Ideas

Next, you need to organise your ideas and arrange them in a presentable manner. The organisation of thoughts will make your essay look more natural, logical, and coherent. It leaves a positive impression on the reader’s mind.

You can use different digital tools and applications to organise and manage your ideas. Make a sequence that gives a flow to your writing. The purpose of organising the information is to ensure that the college essay is written in a structured manner.

Step 3: Structure Your College Essay

Once you develop a rough sketch of the type of college essay you want to write, the next point will be to make a college essay outline. A good college essay follows the same structure as that of an academic paper. Regardless of its length, it shall have a definite structure.

You can structure your college essay in the following manner:


Want to keep your audience engaged with your college essay? Write a compelling introduction! An interesting introduction can even make the admission officers want to read more – despite reading tons of such essays every day.

You can start your essay with a short quotation, a brief anecdote, a fun fact about you, a quotation or something else that catches readers’ attention. If you are struggling to write such an introduction, skip it and write this part at the end.

Main Body

The main body of your essay should be no more than four paragraphs. When you write college essays, divide the number of words into each section. The length of this section will also depend on the dedicated word count.

What you write in the main section depends on the type of your essay. The suggestion is to express what kind of a person you are to the admission committee in the form of an effective story. Mentioning the future plans in the last paragraph of this section will be brilliant.


The conclusion should wrap up your application essay but do not forget to keep it as interesting as you can. Do not make it pertinent to a dry summary of facts and figures already present in your essay. Try to finish it in a creative way that will impact the reader.

It will leave an incredibly positive impression on the reader’s mind, and you will secure admission into your dream college.

Step 4: Edit and Revise

The last step to ensure that you write college essays worthy enough to get you across the admission process is editing and proofreading. Before your final submission of the college application essay, fully revise your papers from start to end.

Find all the existing mistakes in your essay and eliminate them. There should be no grammatical, contextual, or syntax issues in your college papers. If you cannot revise yourself, hire a college essay writing service to do the job for you.


Needless to say that it is intimidating to write college essays, but it is easier if you follow the right steps. Ensure you craft your college application essay using the tips outlined in this article. These guidelines will take you in the right direction, and rest assured that you will pen down an impressive college essay.

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