LED Clip Light – VersaLite BF-AF20BT


Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, or a night owl, you can easily find the right LED Clip Light to fit your needs. This accessory is designed with durability and versatility in mind.


Fortunately for the LED light slingers in my line of work, the VersaLite BF-AF20BT isn’t the only contender. But if you need a dandy of a light source to get the job done, you need not look any further than the VersaLite BF-AF20BT. The VersaLite BF-AF20BT carries with it a few tricks of the trade. A hefty price tag but well worth it. Whether you need one for home or the office, you can bet the VersaLite BF-AF20BT will be a hit. This dandy of a light source is capable of delivering a full 60 watts of brightness, all while emitting a slick looking 650 lumens of light.


Despite the many benefits of LED lighting, it is important to know how long LED fixtures will last. The lifespan of an LED light is based on the frequency with which the light is used. The intensity of usage, temperature, and application can all affect the lifespan of the LED light. If the light is used in a hot area, it will wear out more quickly.

LED manufacturers have been developing two approaches for establishing a reliable measure of the durability of an LED light source. They estimate the lifespan of LED lighting by taking into consideration the factors described above and by measuring the LED light in typical situations.

LED light manufacturers will sometimes provide the estimated lifespan of their LED light on packaging. This should not be considered as an accurate measurement of the lifespan of the LED light. The estimated lifespan is based on the average usage of the light and is not meant to be used as a true indicator of the lifetime of the light. LED light manufacturers will perform tests on their LED bulbs to determine if they are working according to their instructions. If they are not, the LED bulb will be replaced or refunded.

The Department of Energy published a report that found lifetime claims for more than half of LED products were inaccurate. This report suggests that manufacturers may be faking the lifetime claims of their products. The Department of Energy has advised that LED manufacturers conduct more thorough testing to determine the true lifetime of their products. LED integrators may want to request more information about testing and modeling procedures from the manufacturers.

ANSI/IES RP-16 defines the rated life of a lamp as “a commonly statistically determined estimate of median operational life.” It is a measure of the maximum number of hours that an LED bulb will last. The rated life of a lamp is measured by combining two models, the accelerated-failure-modes test and the lumen-maintenance test. A rated life of 50,000 hours translates to 7.6 years of use, or about 18 hours of operation each day. Its rated life of B 50 means that 50% of the tested LEDs will fail after about 1,000 hours of use. A rated life of L 70 means that 70% of the tested LEDs will last about 30,0ba00 hours.

Battery life:

Whether you’re looking for a high-powered taillight or an economical, always-on reading light, this LED clip light can give you a long runtime without having to worry about recharging the battery. The BF-AF20BT has three LEDs that are powered by a 6,400mAh capacity battery. The LEDs have a fairly strong beam, but you can dim the lights or change the brightness to save power. The light also has CNC-machined mounts and a stem mount.

The battery life of this light isn’t as long as you might expect, but it is surprisingly good for a light of this price. The battery life indicator allows you to see how much power the light has left. When it runs out, the light will automatically switch to the power-saving flash mode. The lights also come with a cloth accessory that protects surfaces and edges from the light. The arms are also adjustable, making it easy to set the light where you want it.

Unlike many other light bulbs, the Energizer book light does not have an adjustable battery level, so it requires the use of CR2032 batteries. The battery pack also requires a screwdriver to remove and replace the batteries. While this may be a hassle, it isn’t a major drawback. The LED light has a quality build and the brightness is bright enough to light up the entire room. You can also adjust the length of the gooseneck, allowing you to customize the light to fit your needs. This light also comes with a velvet carrying pouch.



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