Number of Watts Consumed by an Electric Car Charger

Electric Car Charger

Charging your electric car can be one of the primary reasons for high power bills in your home. If you change your electric car at home, they typically use approximately 7200 Watts of power. It can also change based on the charger and mode of the car. An electric car charger can routine between 32 and 40 amperes. It can also connect with a 240-volt opening in your home’s breaker box.

Your driving limit dramatically influences how much power your vehicle uses for charging with time. You need to be aware of solar car chargers when looking for car travel accessories. Electronic vehicles consume 0.35 kilowatt hours per mile you drive. Solar is one of the best options to eliminate or reduce your electric bill. Before moving forward, you must ensure that you purchase it from a reputable manufacturer.

To understand the complete procedure of calculating the wattage of your car charger, this article will help you understand more about car chargers as one of the best car gadgets.

How to Calculate the Wattage of the Electric Car Charger?

Electric cars generally use about 8000 Watts of electricity, as mentioned before. Your car’s driving capacity and the unit play a role in how much power your car will consume. Electric car chargers come in multiple forms of Wattages, and you can break them down into levels 1,2 and 3 categories. People use multiple terms to describe how power flows and is utilised by electrical appliances. Here are some terms you need to remember before calculating the battery unit.

  • Volts are power pressure differences, and you can also consider them to be the speed of power passing through the circuit.
  • Kilowatt-hours help you measure energy usage. It helps you calculate energy consumption with time.
  • Watts and kilowatts can help you understand the rate of power consumption.
  • Amperes are considered as the quantity of electrical current. You can refer to it to be the number of electrons making electricity that flows through the circuit.

All of these words can be considered as water flowing through a channel. Voltage can be referred to as the water pressure, and ampere can be the water flowing through any point. Watt is the measurement of the rate of flow of water through the channel.

Whenever you receive your monthly Power bill, you only see the actual amount you have been charged. You need to see how much every appliance contributes to the ultimate bill. Based on the wattage of 7200 watts for car chargers, if you are driving a vehicle similar to any average person and using average power rates, you can calculate the electric car charge with the help of phase value and cost per year. It would help if you calculated the average electricity rate, cost per month, and annual rate.

If you consider the face value, it can appear to be an expensive investment. Remember that when you charge and own your electric vehicle, you do not need to pay additional money for gas. You must consider that an average person can pay 1500 dollars for gas annually. Electric vehicles do not need that amount, and you can spend much money on fuel.

If you are looking forward to offsetting the power bills, you need to consider the appliances using power and solar equipment. If you start using solar equipment, comparing the prices of good quality installers will be helpful for you. Remember that future and current power usage could also impact present uses. It can transform the charge with the installer for accurate prices.

Calculation of Power Rates

All vehicles have 100-kilowatt hour-per-mile ratings. It is the standard amount of power that the vehicles use. For calculating the power rate you are particular car model use, you need to initially convert the rating according to per mile by dividing it by 100. After having the electricity rate figure per mile, you need to multiply that amount by the yearly or estimated monthly mileage. The regional electricity rate will multiplicate the ultimate result. It will help you calculate the power cost.

If you are planning for a rate plan, you will be charged considerable amounts of power during the day. It will be affordable when you compare it to charging your electric vehicle. Electric vehicle batteries can power your vehicle but require more power and batteries. When it comes to solar panels can help you save a lot of money on power bills monthly. Choosing solar power is one of the productive ways to eliminate or reduce your Power bill, and you must ensure that you get multiple quotes from famous installers before moving forward.


These are the ways to calculate the rate of anelectric car charger. Feel free to follow the steps above and calculate the expense at the end of the month. Visit Carorbis for the best quality car chargers that can help you save a lot of money on your power bills.



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