Washing Machine Repair Tips for Maintenance

washing machine repair

A huge number of washing machines are built to last for years without breaking down, as long as the owners take care of them and do some basic maintenance. SACGM provides washing machine repair service in Abu Dhabi.

Here are some tips for keeping your washing machine in good shape so that you don’t have any problems with it.

  1. Maintain the Machine at the Right Level: It is very important to always keep the machine at the right level. When a machine isn’t level, it might rock, shake, or walk across the floor. All of these things can hurt both the machine and the floor.
  • Keep the right distance from the wall: Keep at least 4 inches of space between the hoses and the wall to keep them from bending and becoming stressed.
  • Use high-quality detergents in the washing machine: Always use good detergents when you clean. Low-cost detergents are more likely to leave a residue on the walls of the drum, which causes the equipment to wear out too quickly.
Washing machine repairs
  • Regular checks should be done on water hoses. The water hoses should be checked for bends and cracks. They could cause leaks, which would cost a lot to fix on the floor. Replace any hoses that look worn right away, and keep in mind that most water hose manufacturers recommend replacing them every 5 years.
  • Don’t Overload: Make sure you don’t put more in the washing machine than it can handle. This could cause the motor to work harder than it needs to, which could cause very expensive damage.
  • Taking the lint out of the filter on a regular basis: The lint filter should be cleaned regularly so that the machine works as well as possible.
  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe the rubber lining on the door and the outside of the machine with a damp towel at least once a week, and clean the inside of the drum at least once a month.
  • Keep Door Open: Between loads of laundry, leave the washing machine door slightly open so that any moisture that may have built up can escape.
  • Take the clean items out of the machine as soon as possible. It’s not a good idea to leave damp items in there. This is a great place for mold to grow. If you are going to leave the house after using the washing machine and won’t be back for a while, you should use the timer function to delay the start of the wash cycle. This way, you won’t have to wait to get your clean clothes out of the machine.

If you follow the suggestions above, your machine will run smoothly for many years

How to Clean a Smelly Washing Machine?

One of the most common problems that people in Abu Dhabi call us about is a smelly washing machine.

Most of the time, we don’t realize that our washing machines are constantly getting filled with mud, dirt, grime, body fluids, food bits, and all sorts of other nasty things that make bacteria and mold grow, which can quickly lead to bad smells. If you need someone near your Google Map call to get the service.

How do washing machines get stinky?

There are many reasons why a washing machine might start to smell, but three of the most common are bacteria, mold, and fungus. All of these can feed on dirt particles that stay in your machine.

In this article, we wanted to give you our best advice on how to clean a stinky washing machine, keep it smelling fresh, and get rid of the smell for good.

How to clean your washer: Our top 5 tips

Every month, run a service wash

Run a service wash on the drum once a month to keep it from getting smelly. This is a very hot wash with no clothes in the drum, which is what most manufacturers recommend.

We all tend to wash clothes at low temperatures, but 40 degrees is hot enough to clean most clothes, even if it won’t get rid of all the bacteria and mold in your machine. Check the instructions that came with your washer to see which program is best for washing clothes.

Most people wash their clothes at temperatures less than or equal to 40°C, which is good for the environment and lowers their energy bills. Mold and germs won’t be completely gone from your machine if you wash your clothes at these temperatures. So, you have to run a hotter service wash more often to fix this problem.

The only problem with doing a hot wash is that it costs more. So, when we test a washing machine, we figure out how much water and electricity it uses so you can figure out how much it will cost to run.

Clean the door’s rubber seal and look for mold

Mold can grow in the rubber seal around the door of the washing machine, so wipe it down with a damp cloth once a week.

If the mold is set in and smelly, it could damage the seal. You’ll need to call a washing machine repair professional to replace it.

If you see mold or mildew growing in your washing machine, you should act quickly before the problem gets worse and spreads to other areas. Mold can damage the seal because it breaks it down over time. It could also be the reason why your machine smells. The best way to stop this from happening is to regularly look for mold and clean it up if you find any.

Clean the detergent drawer in the washing machine very well

Bad smells can also come from the detergent bottle and the area around it. So, after you do the service wash, take out the drawer and wipe down the whole thing, including its housing.

If you clean out the detergent drawer often, your washing machine won’t smell bad. Dirt and bacteria tend to build up in the detergent compartment. Which can make it smell bad. To keep your machine clean, you can wash it with hot soapy water or a bleaching agent. And then scrub it for two to five minutes with a brush.

Mold, leftover detergent, and sometimes a black, jelly-like substance build up in detergent drawers over time. All of these things can cause the drawer to have a bad smell.

So, if you want your washing machine to smell clean and fresh, make sure you use the right laundry detergent and clean the drawer often. This will help keep your machine in good shape and keep bad smells from building up.

Take out the lint trap and clean it

The machine’s lint filter can also hold bad smells. This is usually on the bottom right side of the front of the machine.

You’ll need a shadow tray or a towel to catch the water. Remove the cover and use the hose to get rid of any extra water.

Once you’ve done this, unscrew the filter and give it a good cleaning. It’s likely to be covered in gunk, which can smell bad. But washing it with warm water should help get rid of any smells that aren’t pleasant.

When not in use, leave the door and soap drawer open

Leaving the door open after washing is another way to keep your machine from smelling. This lets air move all around the drum, which helps keep mold and bacteria from growing. For the same reason, you should also leave the detergent drawer on your machine partly open.

Bad smells can be reduced by cleaning your washing machine often and leaving the door and detergent drawer open.



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