Who are SAP Consultants and How you can Become One?


If you are interested in working with software and computer systems and simplifying procedures, you may look for a career as an SAP consultant. Many consultants enjoy their professions since they can explore many job opportunities and have excellent income potential. Also, learning about some of the crucial tasks of SAP consultants and the processes required to become one might help you determine whether this job is for you.

In this article, we will walk you through what an SAP consultant is, its key responsibilities, the types of SAP consultant positions available, and how to become one.

SAP Consultants: Meaning

They are an expert that helps businesses in locating the best software to match their business requirements. Here, SAP means systems, applications, and products. Most consultants focus on one of two aspects of data processing; functional or technical. Moreover, the consultants with the necessary skills in software development and programming focus on the technical aspects of SAP software. Thus, to become proficient in this similar field, SAP Training in Gurgaon is the best alternative to meet your career goals.

Responsibilities of SAP Consultants

These consultants are responsible for analyzing, creating, and configuring computer systems and software to fulfill their employer’s or client’s demands. Also, they verify that the computer system’s operations are streamlined and functional for end users. Also, they collect feedback from end users and make changes as needed. While their particular responsibility may vary based on the type of consulting that they provide, the following are some of the most common:

  • AP and FI process automation and optimization, update fiscal year changes, and migrate OSDB.
  • Create an order-to-cash process that includes inquiries, orders, invoicing, and shipping
  • Also, configure the credit management feature of the company to streamline accounts receivable operations.
  • Furthermore, create user manuals and technical instructions for end-users that span the whole order-to-cash cycle.
  • Finally, analyzing an organization’s current computer systems, identifying areas for improvement, and offering solutions to the management team.

Steps to Become an SAP Consultant

If you are interested in a career in the SAP domain, you should follow the below steps to kickstart your career as a consultant.

Step 1: Go for a bachelor’s degree

These consultants must have a bachelor’s degree to qualify for the said position. However, some candidates may even qualify with an associate’s degree and appropriate experience. Moreover, you can begin your career as an SAP professional with a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related subject. You might also consider pursuing business classes because SAP consultants sometimes collaborate with an organization’s financial department to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Step 2: Pursue SAP training

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you should consider enrolling in a structured training course focusing on Basis, CRM, SD, MM, or other functional or technical areas. This will assist individuals in determining the area they want to make a career in. Also, it will provide you with the information you need for reliable business advice.

Step 3: Gain Relevant Experience

It’s a good idea to get appropriate experience in an office environment before pursuing a position as an SAP consultant. For example, if you want to work as a financial accounting consultant, you should start by working in the finance department. This will assist you in better understanding the various procedures employed within a financial department. Also, you will be able to understand more clearly how SAP can help those procedures. Depending on your level of relevant job experience, you may need to begin by obtaining an internship.

Step 4: Consider a Master

You might want to consider getting a master’s degree to set yourself apart from other applicants seeking SAP consultant jobs. However, some organizations prefer people with graduate degrees in computer science or business administration with a specialization in information systems.

Step 5: Gain consulting experience

It might benefit having prior experience as a consultant to qualify for consulting roles. As a result, consider working as a Material Management consultant or a functional consultant.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the stepwise guide to becoming a proficient SAP consultant. So, if you are one who is looking for a career in a similar domain, SAP Training in Delhi is the best option.



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