6 Best Beaches in West Bengal that Every Traveler Must Visit

Beaches in West Bengal

West Bengal is located on India’s eastern coast. This lovely and fantastic state looks out over the Bay of Bengal. It is geographically diverse, with exquisite hill stations and beautiful beaches. Water enthusiasts will find West Bengal to be a paradise. They will have the opportunity to see the holy Ganga as well as the beautiful water of the Bay of Bengal.

The relaxing vibes and satisfying sounds of up and down waves are ideal for a beach vacation. Let’s take a look at the top 8 beaches in West Bengal.

List of Best Beaches in West Bengal

  • Sagardwip Beach
  • Digha Beach
  • Tajpur Beach
  • Bakkhali Beach
  • Mandarmani Beach
  • Shankarpur Beach

Sagardwip Beach

It can be found on Sunderbans Island. It’s also known as Sagar Island. Every year in mid-January, the Ganga Sagar fair is held here. At that time, a large number of pilgrims visit this beach. This beach is also religiously significant because it connects to the holy river Ganga. This beach is usually quiet and calm. It’s also ideal for spending quality time with a loved one. And the lighthouse on this beach adds to its beauty.

Best time to visit – January and February

Digha Beach

Digha beach is the most popular in Bengal. It is also popular among tourists, newlyweds, and locals. This beach is divided into two sections: the old and the new Digha beach. The new Digha beach is ideal for couples or newlyweds seeking privacy. The old Digha beach is popular with families. This beach’s course changes throughout the day and night, making it more famous. The tides rise towards the land during the day and fall away at night.

Best time to visit – October to February

Tajpur Beach

This beach has been useful for a long time because it is Bengal’s untouched beach. It is also known as West Bengal’s Virgin Beach because it has remained unexplored and enchanted for a long time. The Tajpur beach’s exquisite sunrise and sunset, with background music of waves and breeze, must be experienced once in a lifetime. Tajpur Beach is heaven for those seeking a break from the hectic pace of city life because it is calm, quiet, and unspoiled by humans.

Best time to visit – October to February

Bakkhali Beach

The beach at Bakkhali overlooks the Bay of Bengal. And, unlike other beaches, it is not commercialized. It is one of the quietest and most serene beaches, with fewer visitors. There are some private properties near Bakkhali beach that offer property owners a view of the sea to enjoy sunsets and sunrises, as well as the musical sound of the breeze and waves. Because it is the least visited beach, it is untouched by humans and thus in its pure and raw form, making it more appealing to tourists who want to see nature in its natural state.

Best time to visit – October to March

Mandarmani Beach

It is popular among newlyweds in West Bengal for honeymoons and couples spending quality time together. It also has luxurious villas and resorts where couples can enjoy complete privacy. Mandarmani Beach has recently become commercialized, and as a result, water sports are popular here. The perfect scenery to experience with your beloved is the exact, beautiful blue color of the beach, exquisite sunset, and sunrise.

Best time to visit – October to May

Shankarpur Beach

It is one of the best beaches in West Bengal which is unexplored and untouched beaches. Shankarpur beach is a must-see if you want to experience the old world. It is situated in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal. This beach is approximately 10 kilometers from Digha Beach. It is well-known for its relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Shankarpur beach has recently undergone development. Visitors are catered to by luxurious beaches. This beach is well-known for fishing and related activities.

Best time to visit – December to April

There are numerous other beaches in West Bengal that should not be overlooked. West Bengal is an Indian state with beautiful virgin islands that have remained untouched by humans and have that old-world beauty and charisma. When you come here, you can do a lot of things like water sports, walk around the beach, watch the sunset or sunrise, and spend some quality time with yourself or your loved ones at night.

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