6 Kinds of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet

Storage is essential to every kitchen, and typically, this includes kitchen cabinets. It doesn’t matter how basic or extravagant your kitchen, the cabinets in kitchens are essential in some way. Of course, there are various kinds of cabinets, based on the style and theme of your kitchen.

This is a crucial point to consider when planning a kitchen renovation. Cabinets are essential to store your things, however, they occupy a large portion of space in the kitchen. It is important to pick the one that looks good in the kitchen space. The style of kitchen cabinet you pick will determine the appearance for your kitchen. Also, you must be aware of the type of door you want to pick for your kitchen, unless you are using shelves that are open. Here are the 6 most basic kinds of cabinets for kitchens.


The most basic and the most expensive kinds of cabinet doors are glass. Most of the time, it is glass panes which fit inside the framework of the door. They have to be cut precisely so that they fit inside without breaking.

Glass cabinets are ideally suited for kitchens with small spaces, as they create the illusion of space that you do not be able to achieve when you have an unfinished door. It can be transparent or frosted plain or etched but it’ll nevertheless make your kitchen appear more spacious. It’s also a good option if you wish to display beautiful glasses or plates and shield them from dust while at the same time.

There’s a disadvantage but. It is impossible to get a messy cabinet when you opt for doors with glass. The cabinet must always be tidy and neat because people will be able to see the contents inside. It is possible to avoid this by limiting certain areas that have glass doors and choosing door that is solid for the remainder. Glass doors are typically recommended for wall cabinets that are at eye level as well as solid doors to base cabinets to prevent the risk of accidental damage.


If you are not a fan of glass doors it is also possible to consider louvered doors, especially if you have a small kitchen. It’s mostly solid as horizontal slats are the front and back of the cupboard. These lines deceive your eyes into believing that there is more room and width in the kitchen. They offer a nice chance to showcase class and sophistication too.

The slats also offer ventilation for the contents in the cabinets, which is a feature that is unique to these types of doors for cabinets. It is perfect for storing glasses, plates, flatware, or for food storage.

Louvered cabinets cost less than solid cabinets. You must work harder to keep them clean as you need to fit them between the slats. It’s still a good option for kitchens with small spaces and especially traditional ones.


Functional and simple, Shaker cabinets are quite well-known due to those features. The minimalist design is influenced by Shaker furniture. Shaker type of furniture blends perfectly with the modern minimalist design. The Shaker cabinet is the ideal choice for any kitchen as its simple design is a great option for any design.

You probably already have Shaker cabinets. They are made up of four short lengths of wood that form the frame in a rectangular shape, and the rectangular piece of wood used as the central panel. This kind of cabinet has a variety of wood, colours, and finishes. It’s a very adaptable style that never gets obsolete, which makes it an ideal style if you want something classic and timeless.


There is a simpler design of cabinet doors and it is called an open front. It is made up of only the flat panel to serve as the door. It’s not exactly awe-inspiring but it is an elegant, sleek design that is suitable for contemporary kitchen designs. It is possible to leave it as simple, or incorporate hardware to break the lines however, they must be easy to prevent them from standing out as the scab of a thumb. If you want the minimalist style and want to keep it simple, cabinets with flat sides are the best choice either with or without hardware.

Flat cabinets can be found in solid wood, however, they aren’t cheap. If you’re not opposed to alternative woods and want to achieve the same appearance using laminates. They’re available in a range of colors to match every kitchen design.


It is unlikely to see many cabinets made of beadboard in modern condos or kitchen. They are more likely to see beadboard cabinets in cottage or rustic kitchens as that’s the way cabinets were constructed earlier in the past. Beadboard cabinets consist of thin wood strips joined together in a frame to create an unbreakable front. The way they do it is no longer this way but. It makes cleaning difficult. Cabinet makers instead use real wood, and then cut grooves across the length of the wood to mimic the appearance. Beadboard cabinets aren’t as well-known as other door styles however they can add an old-fashioned look to kitchens. Also visit carpenter dubai.


Inset cabinets can be expensive because they require precision in the manufacturing. The majority of doors for cabinets fit over the frame of the cabinet over it, thus that being a millimeter or two off from the actual measurement is not an issue. Inset cabinet doors are able to fit inside the frame of the box and require hinges to be exposed which means that measurements have to be precise. This requires a lot of experience, which is why they’re more costly than doors for overset cabinets.

Inset cabinets can have any design you’d like from beadboard to flat. It is therefore not an aesthetic decision however, it is a practical one. Because it uses hinges that are exposed and hinges, it’s not as sleek like other cabinet doors. If you’re looking for a modern design, this isn’t the style of door you want. Inset cabinets are able to help to save space since the doors are inserted inside the box instead of over it. This isn’t a huge amount to take up, yet it can make an important difference in the kitchen is small.


The six basic kitchen cabinets are available with a variety of finishes and colors. And are a significant purchase. Cabinet Land Kitchen and Beyond provides a no-cost estimate for every style of cabinet you pick from our showroom located in Schaumburg, Illinois. So you will get exactly what you want from your purchase. We only work with the most reputable cabinet manufacturers at the lowest prices as compared to our competition like Advance Cabinets and Handsome Cabinets. Visit us today to discover what we can provide. We offer Chicago land and have the experience and resources to construct nearly any type of kitchen cabinet – on time and on budget with high-end craftsmanship that will meet your expectations.



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