Alternatives to 123Movies

Alternatives To 123Movies

In this article, you get alternatives to 123movies. Before starting a discussion on this topic, we will discuss it on the 123movies site. This site is an online streaming app that is a very popular app at the time they are available. It is operating from Vietnam which allowed users to watch movies, series, and serials, and also download these. 

This site is the most popular but it might be illegal to watch 123movies in your home country. There are some reasons because of this site is banned. 

And now, most of the users are there who want alternatives to 123movies. So given below we will discuss sites like 123movies. 

How Many Sites Like 123Movies Are We Used? 

Yes, there are many sites available for alternatives to 123movies. Given below the list

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Vumoo
  3. watchFree 
  4. Netflix 
  5. GoStream 
  6. Show Box
  7. MoviesJoy
  8.  House Movie
  9. HDO

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Let’s know about these sites Like 123Movies

Amazon Prime – #1 Alternatives to 123movies

Amazon Prime is the best alternative to 123movies you should definitely try it out. This site offers you to watch movies, TV series, and songs, even here you can download and read books also. This site is just like a home where you get all your favorite watches in just one click. 

Its name shows its value “amazon” as we all know Amazon is the best platform where you save a lot of money on shopping and spend your time by watching on amazon prime. 

Amazon Prime FEATURES

  • 30 days free trial 
  • Watch latest movies 
  • Includes 4k Ultra HD 

Amazon Prime Subscription plan

  • Monthly –  rupees 179 
  • Quarterly – rupees 459 
  • Annual – rupees 1499

Vumoo – #2 123movie alternative

Everyone loves to watch movies, and there are different types of movies like Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies, Vumoo is a platform you can download all types of movies without wasting a time according to your mood and taste. 

There are some sites where you pay some amount to watch online movies even sometimes the quality of movie print is also not good but Vumoo provides you best quality print of movies. You can easily download the released movies on this website. 


  • All types of movies can download and watch here
  • The free online streaming app 
  • Use it on any device

Vumoo Subscription plan

This site is free to use.

WatchFree – #3 123movies Alternatives

WatchFree is another alternative to 123movies. By this site name, you can clearly verify what is that means. Here you can watch movies for free and you can also download this. 


Watch the latest series 

All types of content is available 

Subscription plans

This site is also free of cost and easy to use

Netflix – #4 Alternatives for 123movies

Netflix is one of the most famous sites of the online streaming app. Where you can watch your favorite episodes, series, and movies, with just if few clicks. 


  • Its ad-free
  • High-quality library 
  • Offline playback feature 

Subscription plans

  • Basic – $8.99 
  • Standard – $13.99

GoStream – #5 Free

Alternate to 123movies, if you are searching for the best site to watch movies online GoStream is another best site for you.


  • Live stream to multiple platforms 
  • Pre-recorder video live stream

Subscription plans

This site is free to watch.

Show Box – #6 123movie New Alternative

Show box is another attractive streaming site like 123movies and the other best site on the list. Here you can easily get any type of movie content. This site allows its viewers to download the movies on their phones as well as other devices.


  • Simple fast and easy-to-use interface 
  • 100% safe and virus free
  • You can find here all movies

Subscription plans

This site is free to watch 

MoviesJoy – #7 123movie Alternatives

MoviesJoy is a website of online streaming apps where that promises to their users to show all the latest released on their homepage. But in some offerings their content is illegal.


Here you get the recent broadcast episodes, the most recent movies, and upcoming movies of the year. 
Subscription Plans

Free to watch and download app 

House Movie – #8 Alternatives for 123movies

If you love to watch all types of movies. And you are searching for old movies. Then, this site is for you. Because House Movie offers you your favorite old movies to watch and download also.


  • Offers you to watch here all old movies 
  • Streaming services are also free for full HD resolutions 

Subscription plans 

This site has paid plans in different ways so for this, you may go for their official site to check their plans and requirements. 

HDO – #9 Sites Like 123Movies

Similar to 123Movie, HDO is a highly regarded website where you can view all new movies and television shows for nothing. There are many films, television shows, and other types of material on that website.


  • Watch ad-free
  • Support for multiple audio channels

HDO Subscription plans

It is free to download the app and no hidden charges.

How Do You Know Site Is Illegal and Safe & Use?

If you want to know how to know about that site is available or not and safe to use. To check their security, you have to move to its copyright section.

There are 8 ways to find out if the website is real or fake: 

  1. Verify the website trust seal  
  2. View their certificate 
  3. Check the contact page 
  4. Check the company has a social media presence 
  5. Don’t click on links 
  6. Use the google safe browsing transparency report 
  7. Check the website privacy policy 
  8. Pay close attention to URLs

Why 123Movies app is illegal and banned to use?

If any website provides you with movies on their site without any license. It is happening because these types of websites are basically based in countries that do not have copyright laws.  

123Movies is started sharing copyrighted content on the website, providing a link to pirated content, and without your knowledge redirecting you to another third-party website. 

123Movies online streaming app is illegal and banned in the United States. Now, they don’t have any license to offer any kind of content on their website. 

But luckily, there are so many alternatives to 123movies available. 

How do I Watch & Download Movies on Online Streaming Apps?

You can watch & download movies according to your mood on online streaming apps in just a few steps; 

  1. According to your choice of where you want to watch your movies.
  2. Go to their official website 
  3. Search the TV shows and movies that you want to download.
  4. Select it and open the video’s details page. 
  5. The very next download a movie, tap the download arrow.
  6. You can download each individually to the store. 

Conclusion:  Alternatives To 123Movies

Because this online streaming app is banned in India, everyone found alternatives to 123 movies. And luckily, there are many sites like 123movies available for viewers. In the above article, we mentioned both types of plans, here you get free services and paid services. So, it’s all up to you which streaming is you choose to watch your favorite movies.



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