Coding-Free Way to Embed RSS Feeds on Squarespace Website

RSS Feeds on Squarespace

In the website-building industry, Squarespace is the revolution. Without going through the hassles of coding, it gives the power for the users to display their online presence. Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed is a summation of all the latest content published by your favorite website. If you are wondering how to embed RSS feeds on Squarespace? Well, this blog will solve your puzzle.

To showcase you in the best possible way, Squarespace has all the required tools to make your site look professional and impress your potential customers. Improve your Squarespace website, you can embed RSS feeds on Squarespace. To your website, adding customized RSS feed content is a little difficult. With the help of social media aggregators, you can easily add RSS feeds to your Squarespace website. Read this blog to know the simpler steps of adding RSS feeds to your website.

What Is RSS Feed And Is It Worth Embedding On The Website?

From the website or news website through an XML file, a collection of the latest articles or blogs is referred to as RSS. With an RSS icon, a list of articles or blogs from other websites or your website is showcased on the screen ensuring updated content on the website. With a blog title, URL, short description, and RSS icon, RSS feeds are showcased on the web page. Summaries, author names, comments, and categories are also contained in RSS feeds.

You can easily embed RSS feeds on squarespace website, with the help of a social media aggregator or RSS feed reader. On the latest blogs, news, etc. these tools keep a check, and with the latest feed, they automatically update your website.

To add this great feature to your website, the Squarespace RSS feature gives you what you’d need but the question is it even worth it? After adding an RSS feed on your Squarespace website, users who continuously visit your web pages are among your loyal followers that can see your new content like blogs, news, articles, videos, etc.

Benefits Of Using RSS Feed On Squarespace

Showcasing RSS feeds on Squarespace website has several benefits. Some of the advantages of integrating RSS feeds on the website are mentioned below:

1. Improves Visitors Engagement

One of the main benefits of embedding RSS feeds to your Squarespace website is that it helps users to engage with your content. You can showcase exciting articles and blogs on your website after embedding RSS feeds on your website. By displaying informative news, articles, etc. to your users you enable them to explore your RSS feeds. This will increase user engagement and generate user retention also.

2. More Increased SERP Rankings

RSS feeds will grow your website performance by enhancing audience engagement, readability, and content quality of your website resulting in delivering SEO benefits. Your website’s authority and credibility increase more with more people engaging on your website resulting in increasing search engine rankings. 

3. Make Bond With Content Creators

Based on the articles and blogs, displaying RSS feeds from other websites will directly increase traffic on the website. Your visitors will be redirected to other websites by it that increases the visibility of the content and bring more visitors to their website. By adding an RSS feed to a website you can make a great bond with other content creators and in return get the same benefits.

4. Grow Content Quality

With creative visuals on the website, you can showcase different categories of content by using RSS feeds. For instance, with an attractive image, title, icon, summary, and description, adding articles and blogs will increase the content quality of your website.

Steps To Embed RSS Feeds on Squarespace

To embed RSS feeds on the Squarespace website we are using the Tagembed aggregator tool, follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1- Aggregate RSS Feeds

a). Login if you have already an account if not then Sign up for a free Tagembed account.

b). Next, Tagembed Dashboard will appear.

c). Your first widget is already created, press the Edit button to move.

d). A screen with “Pick a source” will appear, choose RSS here from the list of networks.

e). Fill in the Display Name and Feed URL that you want to showcase.

f). To start aggregation, press the Create Feed button.

Step 2- Develop RSS Feed Embed Code For Squarespace Website

a). Press the Embed Widget button on the bottom-left corner of the menu to add RSS Widget.

b). With the list of different website CMS, a screen “Choose Your Platform” will appear.

c). Adjust the height & width of the widget after selecting Squarespace as your website CMS.

d). To copy the code, press the “Copy Code” button.

Step 3- Embedding RSS Feed On Squarespace Websites

To complete the embedding step, follow some steps after copying the embed code.

a). Sign in to the admin account of your Squarespace website. To embed RSS feeds, press the Edit button.

b). Press on the “+” tab.

c). Choose the “</> Code” tab after a new options menu pop up on the screen.

d). Press the Apply button after pasting the embed code into the editor.

e). Reload the webpage after you Save the changes.

With new RSS feeds is loaded on squarespace. On your Squarespace website, your Squarespace Feed will be embedded successfully.

Over To You

So we have learned how to embed RSS feeds on squarespace websites and its benefits. Now you can show these attractive RSS feeds on squarespace websites with ease. To display unique content on the website and increase customer engagement. Embedding an RSS feed on squarespace is a cost-effective way without spending a penny.



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