Complete Overview of the Google Cloud Associate Engineer Exam


Google Cloud Platform certification is a popular and necessary certification for IT professionals working in the cloud computing industry. One such prominent credential is the Google Cloud Associate Engineer certification. It is the first step in getting started with Google Cloud. Also, it is a foundational certification designed to familiarise applicants with the tools and technologies of the Google Platform. To know more about this certification and what you can do to clear these credentials, we suggest you stick to this article till the conclusion. Alternatively, you can enroll for the Google Cloud Associate Online Training, which will help you understand this platform from scratch and make you stand out from your peers.

Google Cloud Associate Engineer: Meaning

A Google Cloud Associate Engineer works on a cloud platform responsible for deploying applications, monitoring operations, and managing enterprise solutions. However, a Cloud Engineer uses Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to maintain one or more deployed solutions that use Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.

Moreover, this certification focuses on the essential abilities to install, monitor, and maintain projects on Google Cloud and is an excellent starting point for people new to cloud computing. In addition, it is a stepping stone to higher-level certificates.

Subjects Google Cloud Associate Engineer Exam Covers

In order to ace the Google Cloud Associate Engineer exam, each individual must have a clear understanding of the below subjects.

Section 1: Configuration of Cloud Environment

To test the knowledge of setting up the environment, Google covers the topics like:

  1. Establishing cloud accounts and projects
  2. Billing configuration management

Section 2: Designing and Setting Up a Cloud Environment

This section of Google Cloud Associate Certification covers the following:

  • Knowledge of the price calculator and the expenses of the products.
  • Computer resource planning and configuration
  • Options for data storage planning and configuration
  • Network resource planning and configuration

Section 3: Installing and Putting a Cloud Solution

It covers a topic related to:

  • Installing and Putting a Cloud Solution in Place
  • Installing and putting computational resources in place
  • Deploying and implementing Kubernetes
  • Implementing Run and Cloud Functions
  • Installing and putting in place networking resources
  • Making use of Cloud Marketplace solutions.
  • Use and deployment of IaaC service.

Section 4: Ensure Effective Operation of Cloud Station

This topic focuses on covering the topics:

  • Management of computing resources
  • Kubernetes resource management
  • Cloud Run resource administration
  • Network resource management
  • Logging and monitoring

Section 5: Setting up of Access and Identity Management

It covers the following topics:

  • Access and Identity Management Configuration
  • IAM profile, task, and policy management
  • Keeping track of service accounts
  • Recognizing audit logs

Effective Ways to Prepare for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam

It is simple to prepare for the Associate Cloud Engineer test. There are multiple materials available that can help you understand every aspect of the exam. Also, Google offers a free tier for their Google Compute cloud products.

However, one of the best ways to learn how to utilize services and products is to have hands-on experience with them. It’s one thing to teach how to build a new VM in Associate Cloud Engineer or a new IAM profile in this Google test. Moreover, experience comes through utilizing a product, and Google’s free tier is an easy method to gain that experience. Also, you can follow the steps to clear this certification exam in the same order as below.

  1. Get your fundamentals right with the help of resources available online.
  2. also, get the Practical Experience
  3. Moreover, you must read the official Associate Cloud Engineer test preparation guide and examine the GCP documentation.
  4. Get Yourself familiar with Google’s Best Practices
  5. At last, put your knowledge to the test.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the complete overview of clearing the Google Cloud Associate certification. This overview may help you create a preparation guide for the exam. Alternatively, you can also enroll for the Google Cloud Associate Training, which will prepare you for the exam and help you become industry-ready.



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