Smart Security Detective Services to Secure Online Examinations

Smart Security Detective Services

Online examination systems provide good flexibility and scalability to both parties: students and examination boards. The agencies conducting online examinations need to execute several things in every examination center or venue. The checking of examination sheets and processing of results becomes very quick. Examination security means taking some crucial measures for complete transparency and secure examination practices. These things help the examination organizers to ensure that the test is conducted in a fair manner. Examination organizers and testing agencies need smart security services for conducting examinations in a very planned and fair manner.

The scope of cheating and exam malpractices have been removed to a greater extent in online examinations as compared to traditional modes. There are various things that are necessary for conducting online tests like good infrastructure, venue of the test, connectivity and other examination resources, but the most important thing is the security solutions. The security measures and perfect guidelines for the students help the exam organizers to provide a perfect and secure environment for the students at every venue. So, many examination organizers use smart security detective services with high-tech devices and software.

Here, in this blog, you will know various ways for making online examinations secure:

Secure Browser

A secure browser is very necessary these days to prevent unauthorized access and prevent users from launching any other window for cheating and other malpractices during the examination. The first priority of examination security providers or agencies dealing with the same is to provide a secure web interface through implementing various measures like smart security detective services and other guidelines.

To provide a secure browser, candidates need to access only the system and keyboard for entering keyboard inputs but other things like screen capturing, and copy and paste operations are strictly prevented.

There are various types of examination security solution providers in the country. Examination or test organizers need to choose the best for good output in safe examination practices.

Data Encryption

Data encryption plays a very crucial role in preventing unauthorized access to question banks. It also helps to avoid result manipulation without valid credentials. The next thing that is very necessary for secure examination practices is Data Encryption. The information and data related to online examination are encrypted to restrict any types of malpractices and misuse. The questions and the examination-related demographic data are stored in a secure and encrypted manner through smart security detective services.

Data encryption provides enhanced confidentiality of the question papers that are being exchanged between the client and the server. For encryption tasks, authorized personnel are used to decode data for good security measures. These things used to be the security of the examination.

Audit Logging

Today, examination service providers use various software and tools to detect every activity done by the candidate on the device. They use audit logging practices with the same various activities like sign-in, sign-out, and examination access and all the answers are recorded in the system through various types of smart audit logging software and applications.

With audit logging, the PC is able to record various details like question navigation, section changes, and good internet speed. Examination infrastructure or security agencies are also used to track the current location of the users during the examination.

IP Based Authentication

The concept of IT-enabled authorization and authentication means the complete access and operation of the devices are limited for the candidates. The IP of every device is unique and with the same, the systems of the candidates are detected for inspection purposes. IP-based authentication helps the examination boards or test conducting agencies to prevent the misuse of the technology and to restrict cheating on all levels.

Examination boards and testing agencies use smart security detective services to manage the examination process with utmost security.

Remote Proctoring

Proctoring has become a very necessary part of making every examination secure for the benefit of the students. In remote proctoring, the devices like PC and laptops are monitored and proctored from even a remote location. In this case, supervisors are not needed to be present at the venue of the examination.

There are various types of proctoring used by examination security and infrastructure services providers. Some of them are:

  • Video Streaming
  • Screen Capturing
  • Voice proctoring
  • Image proctoring

Note: With the use of good proctoring services, examination malpractices can be restricted. Proctoring can be done from any remote location for the management of examination practices.

The proctoring supervisor used to analyze every activity to regulate things better in a planned manner.


Smart Security Services are the need for every examination be it for university or competition. For making examinations secure, there are various things to be implemented by the examination and testing agencies like proctoring, IP-based authentication and good security measures.



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