Complete Guide for Desert Safari Dubai

You’re going to be in for a treat if you’re thinking about visiting Dubai and are seeking a fantastic offer! Beautiful beaches, a comfortable atmosphere, and a variety of adventures, including a desert safari, can all be found in Dubai.

A safari in the desert is one of the most popular excursions for tourists visiting Dubai. Visitors come from all over the world to explore the desert dunes and gain a glimpse of Bedouin life before Dubai became a well-known tourist destination. Dubai Safari excursions in the desert are a thrilling, fascinating, and beautiful way to experience the local culture and get a chance to see the desert for yourself. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to book a safari and what to expect on your trip if you’re considering scheduling an adventure in the desert.

How To Book?

The desert trip is easy to book almost every hotel in Dubai has a deal with a safari company, and a quick Google search will return an endless list of options. Even though Dubai has very high-quality standards, you should make sure you’re working with a reliable company like Desert Evening Safari.

Your once-in-a-lifetime trip is in danger if you choose a subpar firm. Travel agencies pick them up from their hotels to take tourists on desert safaris. They may choose to travel in a shared automobile or in their own vehicle, which would be less expensive. The safari trucks from across town can finally reach the edge of the desert after a short while.

When a break occurs, some drivers remove their tyres because a reduced tyre pressure makes it easier for the car to “float” and expands the tire’s footprint. This increases tyre traction and eases the load on the car, which makes it simpler to absorb the effects of bumps in the trail). In the end, the trip starts.

desert safari dubai

Commencement of Trip

With the 44 vehicles, it is an exciting and thrilling experience to be able to fly over dunes. It is not a problem because all drivers are qualified for their positions. This continues for a considerable amount of time, with all vehicles traveling in a straight line to the desert camp when the real Bedouin experience begins. Visitors are welcome to relax on the camp’s couches and participate in a range of Emirati activities. It may involve everything from brief camel rides to henna-tattooed hookahs to dressing as an Emirati citizen.

A mouth-watering feast and Loads of Fun Awaits You!

The best thing is the food! Customers can partake in the customary Middle Eastern BBQ while serving themselves. While guests eat, a variety of artists perform for them. The program includes traditional dances, including the well-known belly dance. Nobody needs to worry if they want to drink. Many companies that offer desert safaris let customers buy alcohol. While most other activities and meals are included in the cost of the safari, this is an extra cost.

What to Choose Evening or Morning?

Most desert safaris begin in the middle of the day and end around 5:00. Guests are asked to return to their vehicles once all acts have concluded. But we strongly advise you to travel to Dubai for the evening desert safari.

There are numerous causes for this. The weather is generally better in the evening than it is in the afternoon. Additionally, you’ll get to see a breathtakingly gorgeous sunset over the desert, followed by an evening campfire and sky that you’ll remember for the rest of your days.

Through the safari website, anyone who wishes to permanently save memories and moments can purchase images (printed portraits) taken by expert photographers. Everyone will remember this experience for a very long time, thus it is unquestionably worthwhile.

Choose A Good Company!

There are numerous travel companies that offer both dune-bashing and desert safaris. But none of them offer the same caliber of services. So be sure you select someone with experience, like Desert Safari Dubai.

Be wary of tour providers whose charges seem excessively exorbitant or higher than those offered by competitors.


Despite not being as glitzy, there’s a reason why tourists who visit Dubai and would like to experience it rank Desert Safari Dubai among the most popular activities to do. A journey to the desert gives travelers a chance to relax and, for the most part, see an ecosystem that is unique to that region. People don’t frequently know what to anticipate when they are making travel plans, but they can be sure that their trip will be full of enjoyable and thrilling events.



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