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Orthodontic braces bring beautiful smile at the end of a treatment. But it is important to ensure that your improved smile stays healthy over the years to come. In any orthodontic procedure it is utmost important to take proper care of the teeth and the overall mouth. Braces make one more prone to one build up plaques in the mouth. This happens because of mostly two reasons. First, the wires and the brackets easily trap food debris and two, cleaning the teeth through the braces is practically impossible. Plaque build-ups are dangerous for one’s oral health. It stains the teeth and also wears away the outermost coating of the tooth known as enamel.   

Let us explore few tried and tested tips in the following sections of the blog post. The tips are about how to keep the teeth clean, strong and healthy throughout the phase of your orthodontic treatment. The tips are provided by a team of dentists who invisalign offers in london at a reasonable cost that easily suits every pocket.

· Go for a toothbrush that has soft bristles

While you are on braces it is important that you clean the top part of the teeth that is between the braces and your gums. The bristles of the toothbrush must touch the gums. Else the enamel portion of the tooth will not be properly cleaned. It is better to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles. It will not irritate the gums. You can point the brush at a convenient angle on the gums to facilitate a better cleaning.

· Brush the teeth after every meal

Your orthodontic appliances trap food particles easily. In this situation frequent brushing proves helpful prevent plaque. You can consider carrying a travel toothbrush all the time wherever you go. Brushing the teeth every time after a meal is much easier when you have a travel toothbrush in your pocket. In case you forget carrying your toothbrush you can always rinse the mouth well with water after a meal. However immediately after having an acidic food or drink you should not brush the teeth. This is the only exception you have to care about. This is required to avoid softening of the tooth enamel. A dentist near me offers Invisalign treatment to a large number of patients. The dentist suggests you should wait for at least thirty minutes to an hour after having foods like oranges or drinks like sport drinks and then brush the teeth.

· Stop using excessive quantity of toothpaste

Stop using excessive quantity of toothpaste to clean the teeth. if you think the larger quantity of toothpaste you use the cleaner will be the teeth then you are seriously mistaken. Using up a lot of toothpaste while brush actually brings you no greater or better benefit. Rather you should brush the teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush that is soaked in water and wet. This allows you to clean the teeth properly and better. Then use only a peanut size of toothpaste. And instead of scrubbing with the toothbrush you should learn moving it in a precise picking motion to make better and more effective cleaning. 

· Brush the teeth only for 2 minutes flat

You should brush the teeth for only 2 minutes flat. In other words you spend no more than only 30 seconds to brush each quadrant of the mouth. Make sure the brush cleans all the three surfaces of the teeth. It is equally important to clean the tongue while brushing the teeth, suggests a dentist who offers Invisalign at reasonable cost over the years.

· Rinse the mouth with a mouthwash a night

Rinsing the mouth well with a mouthwash at night is a good way to protect the tooth enamel and avoid tooth decay. Make sure the mouthwash is an anti cavity fluoride mouthwash free from alcohol. Take a little of the product in the mouth and swish for at least a minute. It removes stuck food particles and debris lodged between the teeth and the appliances. Make this an everyday habit.

· Floss threader or water pik is useful too

Flossing is exceptionally difficult when you are on braces. In order to guide the floss through the wires and brackets consider using a threader. Make use of a motion similar to the saw. This way you can clear up plaque build-ups more effectively. You can also invest in a water pik flosser. It cleans better, faster and more conveniently.

Best way to brush wearing braces

Before applying the toothbrush you should rinse the mouth well with plain water. This helps dislodging the food particles that remain stuck to the braces. Rinse the toothbrush properly before applying toothpaste to it. A dentist who offers teeth-straightening with Invisalign in London over the years says this way you can shed the debris and plaque that are likely to get transferred to the toothbrush from your teeth.

If you are confused which toothpaste to use then you can just ask your dentist for a recommendation. Based on your overall condition of the mouth along with your unique needs and goals the expert can select the best option for you.

While brushing, do not try to cover up whole of the mouth at a time. This way it is not possible to brush the teeth properly to reach your goal. Brush the teeth with a soft hand applying a gentle pressure. Many people mistakenly assume the harder they brush the cleaner becomes their teeth. it is important to note that this is sad misconception. Rather the harder you brush the more are the chances that your braces and wires may get damaged.

Considering this dentists suggest patients investing in high-end electric toothbrushes. This range of gadgets comes with a sensor feature. It automatically shuts down the device when it detects that too much force is being applied explain Invisalign dentist providers at Smile Clinic London.

While brushing you must hold the toothbrush at the right angle. While you are on your journey with orthodontic braces you must pay special attention to the teeth at the back of the mouth. These teeth are difficult to access and more prone to pick up cavities.  The bristles of your toothbrush must be routinely replaced in every 4 to 8 weeks. If you are using a manual toothbrush then you have to buy a new one. Else if you use an electric toothbrush, you have to get the brush head replaced. You may even stock a few in hands suggests a dentist in London who offers Invisalign at unbelievably affordable rates. If you feel your toothbrush is not doing its job properly then it is high time to replace it with a new one immediately.



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