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Oxford Shirts

Since many years ago, Oxford shirts have been a classic piece of clothing worn by everyone from corporate leaders to college students. The adaptability, comfort, and durability of these shirts are well-known. Monk of Method is one company whose name has come to be associated with the Oxford shirt.

Oxford Shirts’ Past

The Oxford shirt first appeared as a sort of cotton and wool fabric in Scotland in the 19th century. Oxford, a renowned English university town where the fabric gained popularity among students in the early 20th century, is where the term “Oxford” originates. The shirt immediately gained appeal outside of the school and was worn often by men of all ages.

The Oxford shirt features a button-down collar and a single breast pocket in a straightforward yet beautiful design. The cloth often has a basket weave weave, which gives it a textured look. Oxford shirts come in a variety of hues, but the traditional white color is the most popular.

The expert in Oxford shirts is a monk of the method.

The company Monk of Method stands out when it comes to Oxford shirts. The business was established in 2019 to develop the ideal Oxford shirt. Each shirt is made with premium cotton and follows a thorough production process to guarantee the best quality.

A variety of Oxford shirts are available from Monk of Method, in both traditional white and more contemporary hues including navy and black. Also, they provide shirts in several sizes, such as slim and normal, to make sure every consumer can obtain the ideal fit.

Every element of Monk of Method’s Oxford shirts demonstrates their dedication to excellence. To produce the greatest possible product, every aspect—from the fabric to the fit—is meticulously taken into account. Go no farther than Monk of Method for a genuinely amazing Oxford shirt if you’re in the market.

The Fabric of Choice

The fabric is one of an Oxford shirt’s distinguishing qualities. Compared to other dress shirts, Oxford shirts usually include thicker cotton. This offers the shirt a thicker feel, making it ideal for colder weather or people who like a thicker garment.

The fabric’s basketweave design also imparts a distinctive feel to the shirt. Its texture enhances the shirt’s durability while also being aesthetically pleasing. Oxford shirts are the perfect option for individuals who want a shirt that will last for years due to the thicker fabric and distinctive texture.


Oxford shirts are an essential part of every wardrobe because they are adaptable. They may be dressed up for a formal occasion with a suit and tie or worn down with jeans and sneakers for a more laid-back appearance. They are also appropriate for a variety of events, including a night out with friends and a day at the workplace.

The Oxford shirt’s button-down collar is another element that increases its adaptability. It is appropriate for a variety of dress standards because it may be worn with or without a tie. Also, the collar maintains its position, which is helpful for individuals who want a more put-together appearance.

Maintenance and Care

An Oxford shirt should be carefully cared for to guarantee that it lasts as long as feasible. Their clothing should be washed in cold water and dried by hanging, advises Monk of Method. This aids in keeping the shirt’s form and preventing shrinking.

While correctly ironing an Oxford shirt might be challenging, doing so is necessary to preserve the shirt’s beauty. The shirt should be ironed on a medium to high heat setting while still being just a little bit moist. Before to ironing the sleeves and the remainder of the garment, focus on the collar and cuffs.

For more than a century, Oxford shirts have been a timeless classic, and for good reason. They are essential to every wardrobe since they are adaptable, comfy, and strong. Monk of Method is a company that focuses on using premium cotton and a precise manufacturing method to create the ideal Oxford shirt. An Oxford shirt is the ideal choice to enhance your appearance and give timeless style, whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or dressing down for a casual day. Monk of Method has the ideal Oxford shirt in a variety of colors and sizes for every situation.

Someone who wishes to create a diverse wardrobe would be wise to invest in a high-quality Oxford shirt. An Oxford shirt may last for years and offer several fashionable styles with the right upkeep. An Oxford shirt is a wardrobe essential that is appropriate for both students and business professionals.


In conclusion, Monk of Method’s Oxford shirts is the ideal illustration of how a timelessly stylish item may be improved upon. They provide a selection of Oxford shirts that are adaptable, cozy, and long-lasting thanks to their premium cotton, rigorous production method, and attention to detail. An Oxford shirt from Monk of Method is a great option if you’re seeking a wardrobe essential with ageless appeal.



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