How to Choose the Perfect Watch for Women?


As the sands of time trickle through the cosmic hourglass, our desire for precision, aesthetic, and an accessory that signifies class and sophistication remains steadfast. This need finds a solution in one timeless object – a wristwatch. Over the years, wristwatches have evolved from mere timekeeping devices to fashion statements. I find it intriguing that wristwatches, before the 20th century, were an accessory predominantly worn by women for decorative purposes, rather than functional ones. In many ways, that sentiment persists today, as watch continue to be seen as an extension of one’s personal style.

So, lets dive in.

1. The Essence of a Watch: The Movement

Contrary to what you might think, the soul of a wristwatch isn’t its strap or dial, but its movement. Without a well-functioning movement, even the most ornate timepiece will fail to serve its primary purpose: timekeeping.

Swiss Movements: The Epitome of Excellence

Renowned globally for their precision, Swiss movements continue to be a symbol of superior watchmaking. When deciding the type of movement, you have two main options: mechanical or quartz.

Mechanical Movement: A Testament to Craftsmanship

While mechanical movement showcases high-level craftsmanship and premium technical details, it demands dedicated maintenance. For manual movements, remember to wind your watch regularly. If it’s an automatic, or “self-winding,” wear it frequently or use a watch winder to maintain its accuracy.

Quartz Movement: The Practical Choice

Alternatively, a quartz movement, powered by a battery, offers more accuracy and is less costly. Quartz watches require minimal maintenance – only a battery change every 2-3 years or as instructed by the manufacturer.

2. Complementing Your Skin Tone: Watch Materials and Decorations

Just like any other accessory, a wristwatch should complement your skin tone. This adds an extra layer of elegance to your overall appearance. Here are a few ways to ensure your watch matches your skin tone perfectly:

Identifying Your Skin Tone

Skin tones typically fall into one of two categories: cool or warm. You can identify your skin tone by observing the colour of the veins in your arms.

Cool skin tones exhibit bluish-coloured veins and often have pinkish or rosy-red undertones. Most people, including those with dark and tan skin, fall into this category.

Warm skin tones, on the other hand, display greenish-coloured veins and may have yellow or golden-apricot undertones. Fair-skinned individuals typically have a warm skin tone.

Choosing the Watch Case Material

If you have a cool skin tone, wristwatches with stainless steel, silver, or white gold cases will complement you the most. Conversely, if your skin has a warm undertone, go for watches with gold or rose gold cases.

Gemstones: Adding a Touch of Luxury

For cool skin tones, consider watches decorated with diamonds or gemstones in pink, blue, red, or magenta shades – think rubies, blue sapphires, aquamarines, or emeralds. For warm skin tones, lean towards gemstones in earthy shades like alexandrite, citrine, garnet, or yellow diamonds.

3. Dial Size and Glass: Getting it Right

The dial size should suit your wrist size – not too big, nor too small. Through our research at Von Doren, we found that most women prefer watches with a dial diameter of 34-38mm.

When it comes to the watch glass, sapphire crystal remains the top choice. For more details on watch crystals, check out this informative blog post.

Choosing the perfect watch, ladies, is about more than just matching it with your wardrobe or deciding if the dial is the right size. It’s about exploring your relationship with time, understanding your style, and picking a timepiece that fits your life like a tailored dress. In this blog post, I’ll unravel the intricacies of selecting the perfect wristwatch for you – encompassing everything from movement to style and dial size to fit, right up to the strap type.

To get more into details, here’s a practical and comprehensive watch size guide for a female wrist” that might come handy when you decide to get your next timepiece.

4. Straps: The Final Touch

The strap of your watch plays a pivotal role in its overall appeal and comfort. It’s an excellent idea to have interchangeable straps or multiple watches to match various outfits and occasions.

Bracelet Bands

If you prefer watches with bracelet bands, choose one where the bracelet material matches the case material. Also, consider your skin tone when selecting the bracelet material.

Leather Straps

Leather straps add an elegant touch to any watch. Match the strap’s color with other elements of your outfit. For instance, if you carry a black leather bag or wear black high heels, a watch with a black leather strap would be a great choice.

Nato Straps

Currently trending, Nato straps are suitable for casual or outdoor activities, and they pair well with active wear.

I hope this guide proves beneficial for you when choosing your perfect timepiece. Do take a look at Jotunhiem Lady – our new collection specifically designed for women. Perhaps, your perfect watch is waiting there.

Embrace the timelessness of wristwatches, and remember, your watch is more than an accessory; it’s a statement about who you are. So, choose wisely, live passionately, and keep track of your time in style.

5. Style: Making Your Personal Statement

The style of your wristwatch reflects your personality, and it’s crucial to choose one that resonates with your aesthetic sense.

Minimalist Design for Daily Wear

When it comes to everyday wear or professional settings, a minimalist watch with a simple dial works wonders. It gives you a refined and elegant look without being overly flashy, seamlessly blending with any outfit.

Jewel Watches for Special Events

On the other hand, if you’re attending a prestigious event or special occasion, a jewel watch decorated with precious gemstones could be just the ticket. These watches act as a statement piece, drawing attention and adding an exquisite touch to your ensemble.

6. Weight: Comfort in Every Tick

The weight of a wristwatch is often overlooked, but it is an essential factor, especially when you’re wearing it for extended periods. A watch that feels too heavy can be uncomfortable and cumbersome. Therefore, ensure your chosen watch provides a comfortable fit and doesn’t weigh your wrist down.

7. Brand and Quality: Assurance of Durability

Finally, while aesthetics and style are important, don’t overlook the importance of quality and the brand’s reputation. Investing in a watch from a well-established brand ensures you get the best value for your money. These brands not only provide aesthetically pleasing designs but also ensure their watches are durable and reliable.


Choosing the perfect wristwatch is a blend of style, comfort, and personal preference. It’s about finding that perfect piece that not only tells time but also tells your story. I hope this guide helps you in your journey to find that perfect watch that meets all your needs.

Don’t forget to explore the Jotunheim Lady collection – a beautiful assortment of timepieces that balance functionality and style, crafted exclusively for women. Perhaps your perfect watch is waiting for you there. Remember, your wristwatch is an extension of your personality. So, wear it with pride and let it accentuate your style. Enjoy the process of selecting your perfect watch and, most importantly, your journey through time.



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