How to come up with Great Mobile Game ideas?

How to come up with great mobile game ideas

Coming up with a brilliant game idea can surely sound like a daunting task – after it might seem like every outstanding idea you have in mind is pretty much taken.

But if that would be the case, don’t you think that every mobile app development company out there would have stopped making game mobile apps?

Many approaches can be done to generate a lucrative mobile game idea for your way. However, there is no panacea.

Though the idea solely depends on your personal traits and values, still we are narrowing this guide here to help you find out the idea that inspires you.

1. Have an insight into mobile gaming market trends!

Developing a successful game not only demands you to have impeccable knowledge of coding. But requires you to drill into the latest gaming market and evaluate the trends accordingly! 

Analyze which mobile category is being loved by the youth, and analyze the type of games that are rolling around the world.

This would help your brainstorm a vital mobile game idea and would assist you in knowing the user’s preferences.

2. What if your game idea is already present in your surroundings?

Do you know that many game ideas like city-building simulators were obtained by paying little attention to the surrounding? Even, many mobile application development companies have used this approach for once!

To awaken the sleeping creativity within you, the very step requires you to start observing the world around you. Pay attention to every living and non-living thing that passes by!

Have an attitude of self-evaluating. Ask yourself, “is this thing worth making a game on”. Sooner or later, you would surely find something inspiring to develop a game on.

3. Give a try to already existing games.

Games happen to be a portal that takes us into another realm – allowing us to be a hero to either save the world or take on challenging stunts.

However, playing already existing mobile games developed by a mobile app development company in the USA can turn out to be a source of inspiration as well.

No matter how profound a game is, as a player you would be able to find dozens of restrictions in a game that prevents you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

If you really loved the game, and want to make it more interesting by removing the restrictions aside – then congratulations, you just got your game idea.

Evaluate, analyze and amend the already existing games, and make a masterpiece that will make people fall in love!

4. Ask for other people’s opinions!

If you have tried enough to think of inspiration for a mobile game, but still can’t think of any, then you don’t need to worry. Sometimes, even the sharpest brain refuses to comply!

But when your brain is not functioning, you can always ask for your family or friends’ support! Ask them if they have any ideas that can inspire you for a mobile game.

If they are out of ideas too, you can still have a little chat with them on the previous game they played. Ask them about their likes and dislikes in a mobile game, and talk about functionalities and other technical stuff.

You never know what thing might click in your brain and an idea pops into your head!

5. Being an active member of a gaming community.

Joining an active community of game enthusiasts can also turn out to be the best way to generate ideas for mobile games.

Spending a good amount of time at online forums is a viable way to know insight into what game is on the trend now. Along with, what people like and dislike about the game. 

Most of the forums are filled with gamers’ wishes as well – the ones that are mostly done as ranting in the community.

Be a part of the community, and receive real-time advice and useful reviews from fellow players – all of this contributes to getting inspiration for your mobile game!

6. Combine the incompatible.

Just like the iOS itself, the iOS development company is known best for combining the incompatible. You must be thinking is this phrase even have a meaning? It does for sure. 

You do acknowledge that the world around us seems to be a remix version of what has already happened right? There is a chance that the two things that used to be incompatible back then can now go hand in hand.

This thing can be anything, whether a gaming platform, a feature, etc. If you don’t want to waste your time finding the right idea, spend your time finding this incompatible piece.

For sure you would find your inspiration soon!

7. Putting the Scampering Method to work!

Who isn’t aware of the famous app store game “Color Switch” developed by David Reichelt? Everyone does – as it’s the fastest game in the history of the app store to cross about 50 million downloads. 

When asked in an interview about what inspired him to make this particular game. He referred to the scampering method from Thinker toys.

Basically, a scampering method is a list of approaches or transformations that can be implemented to bring changes to an already existing idea.

For implementing that superb technique, one needs to break down the Scamper acronym and ask yourself whether you are open to substituting, combining, adapting, modifying and etc.

In fact, every mobile app development company in Los Angeles is making the most out of this viable method.


Finding an idea for developing a mobile game can be a tough task to do. However, with the right guidance and having the know-how of certain things makes it easier for you to get the right inspiration. With that being said, we believe that the above guide would help you get the perfect inspiration for your mobile game!



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