How to Do Facebook Page Analysis?

Facebook Page Analysis

Facebook, a social media platform launched in 2004 and developed by Mark Zuckerberg, is among the most used social media platforms. Facebook, which has never lost its popularity since its inception, is a social media platform that you can use for both personal and commercial purposes.

Users who personally use Facebook generally use this platform to connect with their close circles, make new friends, interact with brands they know, and follow certain topics. Brands that use Facebook commercially create a Facebook page and inform their followers about their companies, products and services, and even their campaigns.

It is very important for businesses that want to sell on Facebook to set up a Facebook page. However, businesses should constantly analyze their Facebook pages. Because observing the interest in the shares made for consumers and producing content such as shares that receive more interaction will be effective in increasing the sales of the businesses,

We will give you information about Facebook analysis in this article called How to Make Facebook Page Analysis, which we have prepared for people who want to improve their Facebook pages. You can also review our article and analyze your page by getting information about Facebook page performance measurement.

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Make use of Facebook Business Suite.

One of the first things that businesses that want to do Facebook page analysis should do is switch to the Facebook Business Suite. Facebook Business Suite is a tool recently released by Facebook, and thanks to this tool, businesses

  • Audience Analysis
  • Facebook and Instagram analysis
  • Shopping centre
  • Content Analysis
  • Advertising Planning
  • Creating Scheduled Posts

It can perform such transactions more easily and quickly. For this reason, people and businesses that want to analyze Facebook pages should first start using Facebook Business Suite.

Examine the Facebook Page Reach

If you want to measure Facebook page performance, one of the first things you need to analyze is Facebook page reach.

Thanks to Facebook Page Access Analysis, it is possible to observe how many people have accessed your Facebook page on which days. If you do your reach analysis correctly, you can adjust your post-sharing times and days so you can reach more people. To conduct a page access analysis

  • First, log in to the Facebook Business Suite.
  • Then click the Statistics button on the left panel.
  • Click the See results report field in the Facebook Page Reach section, which is at the top of the overview screen of the Statistics section.

After clicking on this area, Facebook will send you to the section where you can see your page access and share a graph about your page access with you. When performing Facebook page analysis, you need to interpret this graph correctly. To interpret the graph,

  • Create an Excel table showing the days on the chart shared by Facebook.
  • Create date, day, and access count columns in your Excel table. Record which date corresponds to which day and how many accesses you received on this day in your Excel table.

Record your daily access numbers by creating a table like as you read this table, keep track of how much access you have on which days. For example, by adding up the reach you receive each Friday, you can determine the number and rate of access on Fridays. Thus, you can decide whether to post on your Facebook page on Friday and improve your page strategy.

Examine Your Audience

It is also a very important measurement technique for people who want to do Facebook page analysis and analyse the people who follow their pages. Because Facebook page owners are sharing and advertising by taking into account the specific information, interests, and cities of the people in their target audience,

For this reason, it is very important for Facebook pages that want to make the correct shares and have successful advertising activities to analyse their target audience. To do Facebook audience analysis;

  • First, log into the statistics section in Facebook Business Suite.
  • Second, click on the “See audience report” button.

After clicking this button, Facebook will analyze your target audience for you and present it as a report.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Cities where your audience lives
  • countries where your target audience lives

It will be shared with you by Facebook. You can also decide on many things by analyzing your target audience during Facebook analysis.

  • You can decide whether to use a corporate or sincere sharing language to share with people in your target audience.
  • If your target audience is young, you can use a friendly language, and if it is middle-aged, you can use a corporate language.
  • To be successful in your ad targeting, you can act by considering the cities where your target audience is located.

Thanks to Facebook page analysis, you can strengthen your Facebook sharing strategies and attract more users.

Examine your Facebook postings

The most important element for people who will analyze a Facebook page is the posts. Because businesses can develop their Facebook sharing strategies by examining what kinds of posts are liked or disliked.

When analyzing your Facebook posts,

  • Log in to the Facebook business suite.
  • Click on the content section under the Statistics heading.
  • Click on “Ads and Posts” at the top of the page. Leave only Facebook posts marked here. After doing this, you can analyze your post in Facebook Business Suite.

While analyzing Facebook posts,

  • Access
  • Sharing
  • likes
  • Comments
  • Results

It will allow you to analyze your posts. If you have created posts with ads, Facebook will also inform you about your organic and paid reach.

The important factors to consider when analyzing your Facebook posts are as follows:

  • Sharing days and times
  • number of users
  • Number of interactions such as likes, comments, and shares

Elements such as Facebook page measurement are the things you need to pay the most attention to when measuring. It is possible to develop your Facebook strategy after classifying your posts by day, time, reach, and interaction. Let’s take a look at what kind of strategy you can follow, taking all these into consideration.

  • As we mentioned at the top of our article, the day and time of the posts shared on Facebook pages are very important. Businesses should generally take care to post during hours when reach and interaction rates are high.
  • During the Facebook page analysis, the shares to be shared should be decided by considering the number of interactions that are important. While you are sharing your posts, turning to the types of sharing with a high interaction rate will make your page grow.
  • If your rate of getting comments is low, you can create post texts that encourage users to comment and increase your engagement rate.

Considering these, you can analyze your Facebook page and determine your digital marketing strategy more easily.

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