How to Easily Hide PDF Files in WordPress Bussiness Site?

How to Easily Hide PDF Files in WordPress bussiness site

Do you want to hide PDF files from search engines?

Maybe you’re running a WordPress service provider online e-book business and want to help people get on the site with a search engine. WordPress service provider Or you can store sensitive information in PDF documents that should not be closed.

In this blog, we will show you how to hide PDF files on a WordPress business site.

Why should you hide your PDF files?

PDF files are one of the most popular site formats, and there are many benefits to uploading them to your WordPress site. It is often used to create mailing lists. bespoke WordPress development. Many people convert long blogs on their blogs to PDF files. And also offer exclusive content on their websites.

PDF strings are also used to offer exclusive members-only decorative content to paid subscribers as part of an online course or classroom site. WordPress service provider However, it’s great that you hide the PDF line from search engines. If you use PDF files on your site in the same way.

You don’t want people to find PDF strings through search results, where addicts can rip off PDF files without providing a shipping or payment address. WordPress service provider You may have strings that contain sensitive data that is not publicly searchable. Encrypting this PDF file with noindex is important for data protection and security.

How to hide PDF files with AIOSEO:

A great way to hide PDF files from search engines is to use the AIOSEO plugin. Each-by-One SEO (AIOSEO) is an excellent WordPress SEO plugin. That allows you to seamlessly optimize your WordPress website for search engines and social media platforms.

This plugin also allows you to freely edit your Robots.txt. Which instructs the bot about your opinion. custom WordPress web design You add some law that tells you to ignore your PDF.

The first thing you need to do is install and run AIOSEO. For more detailed instructions, you can check our friend on how to install WordPress plugins.

Next, you need to configure AIOSEO for your website. Laravel web development services However, you can also follow our step-by-step guide on how to properly set up all-in-one SEO in WordPress if you need help.

Once the plugin is activated, go to All in One SEO ยป Tools in your WordPress dashboard.

Now that you are in the Tools panel, go to the Robots.txt Editor and click the button next to Enable Custom Robots.txt. After that, scroll down to where it says “Agent user” and add an asterisk (*) to apply the rule to all bots scanning your items.

Also, select Deny option under Rules. This will prevent all user agents from infiltrating the PDF line. Laravel development services Now you just need to enter the directory path. The Directory path field. add /pdf/ in the Next, and click the Save Changes button.

Once done, you will be able to see the rules in the “Preview Robots.txt” section of the page. Bespoke WordPress development Your robots.txt site now tells search engines to ignore all PDF files in your PDF catalog brochure.

However, you must also type the name of the PDF file in the “Directory Path” field. If you want to hide only individual files of the PDF file. Laravel development companies To illustrate, as you can see in the image above, entering example-pdf.pdf will keep that particular PDF site from being registered without affecting the rest.

You can also add rules like Disallow/ *. pdf$ to hide all PDF files from search engines. But this only works if the user agent is installed on Google bot. Not all searching vehicles support the broad rules.


We hope you like this blog. WordPress service provider. These are all about how to easily hide PDF Files in WordPress business sites. If you are looking for site development services, and want to create a site then contact 8therate.



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