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How to find Targeted Audiences on Social Media?

How to find targeted Audiences on Social Media

Have you ever Searched on Google “how to find your targeted audiences?” or followed any advice other experts have given on marketing, blogging, or just about any business practices?

Social media is a way to communicate with your existing or potential customers. It can also be the best way to find out how you can improve your business or brand. But there’s a big difference between finding people you want to talk to and finding people who are interested in hearing from you.

What is a Target Audience?

Target Audiences

A target audience is the specific group of people you expect will be most interested in what you have to offer. Your business wants to sell to a particular group of people. They are the most likely buyers of your products and services. For example, if you were selling women’s shoes, your targeted audiences would be women, specifically women between 20 and 40 who live in your city.

Create Content Your Target Audience Will Love

Once you’ve determined your targeted audience’s demographics, psychographics, and geographic location. It’s time to put this information to good use by creating content that will draw them in. Create content that speaks to pain points, desires, and goals.

When it comes to content creation for social media marketing, don’t think about what you want your audience to hear. Think about what they want to hear from you. Be sure to speak directly to your target audience in a language they understand. Once you know who you’re writing for, you can create content that speaks to them directly. This will be done by:

  • Addressing their unique pain points and challenges.
  • Using language they use.
  • Sharing stories and examples similar to theirs.

Why do you need to Find Your Audience?

Find Your Audience

It’s not just about giving your content the best chance of being seen. It’s about creating an experience for your audience that will make them want to engage with you on social media.

Here, important to understand that the most successful businesses on social media aren’t simply “posting content.” They’re posting relevant content to the right people at the right time to achieve specific marketing goals.

When you know your audience, you will know what topics to include in your content, when to post it, where to promote it, how much budget to allocate for promotion, and how often.

Find out where your Audience is most Active

There are so many different social networks that it can be challenging to know where to focus your energy. While it’s a good idea to have a presence across all major social networks, it might not make sense for you to spend time on networks where your audience isn’t active.

Don’t waste time and effort creating content if you don’t know where to put it. One of the steps to reaching your ideal audience is figuring out where they are. What social media channels are they active on? What time of day are they online? Where do they live?

There are two ways to find these answers: ask your audience or use online tools to identify trends. The easiest, fastest way is by using an online marketing tool like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights.

Check out your Competition’s Audience

Competition's Audience

First things first, check out your competition. Who are they targeting? Is it the exact audience you are targeting? Are there specific segments of their audience that you believe should be yours?

Are they reaching people in a way you can do better? they missing out on some significant opportunities to engage with people who would be interested in what you have to offer? Whatever you do, don’t copy your competition.

Survey Your Existing Customers

Before you start targeting strangers that have never heard of you, take a look at the people who already love you. Conducting a simple survey of your existing customers can give you insight into the types of people who already know about and like you. You can use this information to find more of the same people on social media.


In the end, social media is a tool that can reach your target audience. You will still need to put in the hard work and get creative with your marketing techniques to make it happen. Still, by using all the tools available to you. You can find your target audience and ensure that everyone who comes across your social media messages knows who your company is and what you have to offer.



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