4 Marketing strategies that every Mobile App Development Company should know!

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User acquisition or user growth happens to be a core concern for every mobile app development company out there!

A mobile application happens to be a brainchild that mobile app developers have created with extreme passion and effort. Hence, every app developed needs to have the recognition it deserves!

However, while witnessing the play store and App Store flooded with applications from all over the world. Standing out from the other apps has become extremely daunting.

That brings us to a very important question. “What one can do to make his app visible to the targeted audience?”.

The one and only hack to fulfill your cause is “Marketing”.

The success of the app is determined by the number of users it has to its name. And when your app would be seen by a lot more audience. Your app downloads would increase, resulting in heaping progress of your business – a win-win situation for you!

With that being said, here are some of the effective marketing strategies for a custom app development company to market their app in an efficient manner!

1. Optimizing the App store before and after launching the App!

ASO, commonly known as App store marketing is a group of strategies that are designed with utmost precision to improve an app’s visibility over an app store. 

As per the words of experts, around sixty-three percent of mobile apps can be discovered via an organic method – the one where users browse keywords in the app store and suitable apps pops up.

However, for marketing apps organically two core methods need to be focused on to improve the search ranking of your mobile app.

The very first one we have is your app Title. The title of your app densely affects the reach ranking while helping the customers to narrow down their selection. While choosing a title make, sure that the title targets the main keyword only and is written in an eye-catching way.

The other core method we have is your keyword. What mistake many marketers often do is that they insert many keywords in a title. Which results in spamming and isn’t acknowledged by the app store.

Other than that, not every keyword you’ll choose would show you bright colors. So, it’s preferred to have a list of keywords and use every one of them in a viable method to witness successful results!

2. Utilizing the power of Social Networks for Marketing!

In the world we live in, after the platform media. If someone has the power to make you go viral, it’s none other than social media platforms. 

We heard a saying which says that “there are around seven billion people on this planet, and about 3 billion of them are on social media”. 

eMarketer states that normally, an American spends eighty-two minutes daily on social media. We assume that every mobile app development company in the USA can calculate the audience they can reach over social media.

Running ads on social media with little investment shows much better results than marketing organically. So, in order to see promising success, it is advised to invest a little, to enjoy the perks of the lifetime ahead!

3. Internal Cross-promotion with a touch of Outreach initiatives!

While surfing the app store for multiple applications. You might witness some applications with incredible reach. Now it’s obvious that it’s impossible to know about an App marketing solution. However, what you can do is utilize the power of that particular app to your benefit.

Didn’t grasp the idea we have in mind? No worries! You can contact the owner, developer, or any authorized person of the app with a good reach.

You can ask them to advertise your application over their application – though this would require you to pay to spend some amount of money. The perks you would witness after would surely make up for your investment.

This way, you would have the attention of the audience of that application – and who knows how many of the visitors give a shot to your app too?

4. Opt for landing pages and intro Videos:

For sure, visuals are an extra-ordinary way to make your visitors remember your app. And when the visuals come integrated with flourishing words over a landing page, telling everything that the app has to offer. Then we can say that the results that may come out would be super productive.

An attractive way to launch a landing page is by introducing any feature of the app over the page so that it will arose curiosity within your internet audience to know more about your mobile app.

On the other hand, a mobile app development company in Los Angeles can also fill its landing page with eye-catching visuals to give off a smooth impact to the visitors.

As per the words of the expert, the app that comes with a landing page full of visuals is a viable way of promoting a mobile application and providing users with the highest return on investment!


The thing that can be seen sells the most. Similarly, the more people come across your app, the more downloads of the app you may have.

Marketing is a vital way to let people out there know about your app. For every ecommerce development company, launching an app isn’t enough. If they really want their app to be successful, they have to market their app.

However, marketing an app can be a daunting task. But with the right guidance, anyone can do it with ease. Having said that, the above guide comes with everything that you need to know about marketing your app. Apply the tips and tricks we told you above. And you will surely see positive results sooner or later.



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