The Recent Consumer Trends in UAE Online Shopping

Online shopping

Following the pandemic and the surge in the number of e-commerce stores, the consumer trends in UAE online shopping have extensively changed. UAE is at the top of the list of countries with the most online shopping customers. Back in the day, the buyer had to run to the store to purchase things. But today, everything is available just a click away. We can’t deny the fact that the pandemic has become a boon to the e-commerce sector. Who wants to go out when you can shop for global brands from your home? According to a recent study done by Mastercard, three out of four UAE consumers prefer to shop online which is around 74% of the total consumer population. When shopping got painless, the behavior pattern of the consumer has also undergone several changes. The buyer’s interests, preferences, and patterns of money spending have changed.

Brand loyalty

In Dubai, though not cheaper, luxury brands are in line with the US price compared to the South Asian countries. Considering the tax rates, mobile phones are much cheaper in Dubai. Convenience and trust draw customers more to the brands. The promise and classic looks attract UAE customers to interact more with brands through online shopping sites. Compared to Gen Z, millennials show more brand loyalty as they are looking for value for the money they spend. Brands are also constantly keeping in touch with consumers through digital media.

Inspired from Influencers

Visual content influences online shopping in UAE as an average youngster spends at least 3 hours daily on phone. Influencers have made marketing easier and more effective. The purchase intentions are heavily influenced by social media influencers who are endorsing brands. The influencers represent a form of consumer perception, and the buyer gets a personal review from them.

Early holiday shopping

UAE consumers are looking ahead to supply chain delays. Online shopping customers in UAE plan their holiday shopping early to avoid delays in delivery services. The demand is for faster and free delivery. People love it when their parcel comes a day earlier than the delivery date. Also shopping in advance helps them to get the products at reasonable prices. During the holiday season, the prices will surge and the products in demand will quickly go out of stock.

Seamless checkout

With the comfort of easy checkout in online shopping, customers can buy their products without hassle. They can also use the gift cards which they receive on different occasions. During bulk shopping, the checkout process is much easier as the new-age consumers are well-versed in using payment apps.

Love for offers and deals

While shopping online, customers find more offers and deals than in-store customers. It is also much easier to find deals online than when you go to a store to buy things. People love the detailed information available on online shopping sites regarding current festival deals, price-based sorting, and stock details of products.

The flexibility of online shopping is what attracts customers most. The best online shopping sites now have options like “pay later” which helps customers easily shop at the time of their need. According to the reports, UAE online shoppers love to buy clothes, beauty products, and groceries followed by travel and accommodation purposes.



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