Top 50 Things to Do in New York

New York

The “City that Never Sleeps,” often known as New York City, is a bustling city brimming with a seemingly limitless selection of events and attractions. In this bustling metropolitan playground, there are the best attractions for everyone to enjoy, from well-known monuments to hidden secrets. Make the most of your trip to this vibrant and diverse city by checking out our thorough list of the top 50 things to do in New York City.

1-10: Iconic Landmarks and Cultural Treasures

  1. Times Square: Immerse yourself in the neon lights and bustling energy of this world-famous intersection.
  2. Central Park: Find tranquility amidst the urban hustle by exploring the sprawling green oasis that is Central Park.
  3. Brooklyn Bridge: Walk across this iconic bridge for stunning views of the city skyline and the East River.
  4. The Met: Discover art spanning centuries and cultures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  5. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: Pay homage to American history and the immigrant experience with a visit to these landmarks.
  6. Broadway: Experience the magic of live theater by catching a Broadway show.
  7. 9/11 Memorial and Museum: Reflect and remember at this somber yet poignant site.
  8. Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): Feast your eyes on masterpieces of modern art from around the world.
  9. Chinatown and Little Italy: Explore these vibrant neighborhoods and indulge in diverse cuisines.
  10. Top of the Rock Observation Deck: Get panoramic views of the city from atop the Rockefeller Center.

11-20: Urban Parks, Views, and Neighborhoods

  1. Staten Island Ferry: Catch a free ride and marvel at the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.
  2. High Line: Walk along this elevated park built on a historic railway track, offering unique city views.
  3. One World Observatory: Ascend to the top of One World Trade Center for breathtaking views and exhibits.
  4. American Museum of Natural History: Embark on a journey through history, culture, and the natural world.
  5. Greenwich Village and SoHo: Meander through these charming neighborhoods with artistic vibes.
  6. Grand Central Terminal: Be captivated by the architectural marvel and buzzing energy of this transportation hub.
  7. Fifth Avenue Shopping: Indulge in luxury shopping and marvel at iconic storefronts.
  8. Chelsea Market: Savor diverse culinary delights and shop for unique goods in this trendy market.
  9. Madison Square Garden: Catch a live concert or sporting event in this legendary arena.
  10. Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride: Experience Central Park’s beauty on a classic carriage ride.

21-30: Art, History, and Entertainment

  1. The Guggenheim Museum: Explore this architectural gem housing a stunning collection of modern and contemporary art.
  2. Picnic in Central Park: Enjoy a leisurely meal amidst nature’s beauty in the heart of the city.
  3. Bronx Zoo: Get up close to wildlife from around the world at this expansive urban zoo.
  4. Rockefeller Center Ice Skating: Glide on the ice in the shadow of the iconic Christmas tree (seasonal).
  5. New York Public Library: Admire the grandeur of this historic library, a true literary treasure.
  6. Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Delight in the lush landscapes and floral displays in the heart of Brooklyn.
  7. Governors Island: Escape the city’s hustle by taking a ferry to this serene island (seasonal).
  8. Meatpacking District Nightlife: Experience the city’s nightlife in this trendy and vibrant district.
  9. The Frick Collection: Appreciate European art and opulent architecture in this intimate museum.
  10. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: Explore the military history and technological marvels on this aircraft carrier turned museum.

31-40: Culture, Culinary Adventures, and Sport

  1. Williamsburg Boutiques: Shop for unique fashion, art, and design items in this hipster haven.
  2. Empire State Building: Take in panoramic views of the city from the iconic Empire State Building.
  3. Museum of the City of New York: Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and cultural diversity.
  4. Yankee Stadium or Citi Field: Cheer on the Yankees or Mets in these legendary ballparks.
  5. Apollo Theater: Experience the legacy of African-American music and culture at this historic venue.
  6. Food Tours: Embark on culinary journeys through diverse neighborhoods, sampling local delicacies.
  7. Tenement Museum: Step back in time to experience the lives of immigrants who shaped the city.
  8. New York Botanical Garden: Marvel at the flora from around the world in this sprawling garden.
  9. TV Show Tapings: Be part of a live audience at tapings of popular TV shows.
  10. South Street Seaport: Discover maritime history and enjoy waterfront dining and shopping.

41-50: Hidden Gems and Urban Adventures

  1. Roosevelt Island Tramway: Ride the tram for stunning aerial views of the city and the East River.
  2. Bronx Little Italy: Savor Italian cuisine and culture in the heart of the Bronx.
  3. Coney Island: Enjoy the beach, amusement park rides, and the famous boardwalk (seasonal).
  4. The Cloisters: Travel to medieval Europe through art and architecture in this branch of the Met.
  5. Union Square Greenmarket: Shop for fresh produce and artisanal goods at this vibrant market.
  6. Federal Reserve Bank of New York Gold Vault Tour: Explore the vault holding tons of gold bars.
  7. Theater District Walking Tour: Learn about Broadway history and anecdotes from the district.
  8. City Hall and Brooklyn Bridge Park: Admire historic architecture and waterfront views.
  9. Brooklyn Brewery Tour: Experience the craft beer scene with a tour and tasting.
  10. Street Art Exploration: Wander through neighborhoods like Bushwick to discover captivating street art.


Every visit to New York City is an exciting new journey because to the city’s varied mix of famous monuments, cultural riches, and hidden secrets. There are plenty of things to see and do in this thriving urban playground, from famous museums to lovely neighborhoods. As you start your trip through the numerous joys that the Big Apple has to offer, embrace the excitement, variety, and limitless opportunities it has to offer.



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