5 Authentic Indian Ethnic Wear Designs for Men

Indian Ethnic Wear Designs for Men

It’s time to go outside the ready-made menswear bubble if you believe that Indian ethnic/traditional wear only offers a small selection of style possibilities for guys. The greatest method to experience the wide range of distinctive and unconventional styles available in Indian fashion for guys is through custom made apparel. You won’t ever have to wear the same design twice if you buy bespoke Indian menswear because there are so many different hemlines, silhouettes and prints to choose from!

Custom-made clothing may accommodate all of your fashion ideas, whether you want to rediscover long-forgotten classic styles of Western and Indian menswear. Here are some distinctive ethnic dresses for men that will make you stand out at any event.

Best Original And Offbeat Designs For Indian Men’s Clothing

1. Asymmetrical kurtas

Asymmetrical kurtas

Kurtas that are asymmetrical are a terrific way to update a classic Indian look. For a beautiful visual effect, request that your designer adds a skewed hemline to your Kurta. An Angrakha kurta where the buttons are located on the side rather than the center of the kurta, goes best with an asymmetric hemline. It can be worn with dhoti pants or baggy pants for a casual yet fashionable look.

2. Draped Kurtas

Draped Kurtas

Drapes are a great method to give your handmade Indian garment a distinctive silhouette. In order to provide the appearance of an attached dupatta, the cloth in a draped kurta is draped upward from the hemline. For a cowl neck impression, drapes can also be applied close to the collar rather than the hemline. Another alternative is to keep one half of the hemline straight and drape the other, giving the outfit an intriguingly asymmetrical appearance.

3. Bandh gala suits with prints

Bandh gala suits with prints

A Bandh gala suit is a classic look that embodies pure elegance. For semi-formal occasions like a cocktail party  or wedding reception. It is the ideal mix of Indian design elements with a modern style. Instead of the customary solid colours, you can choose a printed Bandh gala jacket to give this timeless ensemble a distinctive twist. You can pick from a variety of prints when having a Bandhgala suit created to order. As a result, you have the freedom to explore different avenues regarding various hues and patterns that fit your unique taste. The outcome will be a look with an unconventional feel and a perfect fit.

4. Dhoti pants and a short kurta

Dhoti pants and a short kurta

Most guys find it challenging to wear and carry the traditional dhoti. This issue is resolved by pre draped Dhoti pants. Which are also a terrific way to flaunt this cosy ethnic ensemble. Short kurtas look great with dhoti pants and are appropriate for any occasion, including pre-wedding ceremonies and festivals. You may top it off with a Nehru jacket to give it a little more polish. The nice thing about this outfit is that you can create a different look for any event by mixing and matching your Dhoti pants  and Kurtas!

5. Shawl-Wrapped Sherwani

Shawl-Wrapped Sherwani

Readymade Short, solid-colored stoles are typically included with sherwanis. You might use an embroidered shawl or longer embellishment to make your Sherwani look more majestic. Your shawl can be specially made by your designer to match your sherwani properly. They may also assist you in choosing the perfect shawl draping technique to give your garment the most regal look.

How to Choose Unique Indian Outfits for Men?

Customizing an entire ensemble with bespoke apparel is possible. But choosing each individual design aspect can be overwhelming. Therefore, the best course of action is to enlist the assistance of a skilled designer in selecting the appropriate aesthetics. You can explain to them the overarching aesthetic you’re striving for and show them images of the looks you like. Based on your unique style, the designer can then suggest the ideal design components for the garment.

Our talented designers at IWS, The Boutique can assist you in creating personalized menswear for any occasion. Depending on your body shape, event and preferred styles theme. We will carefully choose each piece of your clothing. All you need to do is communicate your vision to us. And we will use our simple design process to make it a reality. Subsequently, to look uncommon and easily stylish in ethnic wear. Reach out to us right now for the most staggering Indian menswear!

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