Best Web Hosting for Beginners (2023 Reviews)

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It might be challenging to pick a web hosting provider for the first time, especially for non-technical customers. Many hosting companies advertise various plans and a bewildering array of technical terminologies, such as shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, and SSL, which can be confusing for newcomers.

However, things don’t have to be this way. To assist you in selecting a web hosting company for your first website and getting started quickly, we’ve reviewed and ranked the best web hosting for beginners in this post.

Top Web Hosting for Beginners

1. Hostinger


Hostinger was established in 2004 and currently has more than 1000 employees across the globe. They are a sizable business with 1.2 million users in 178 nations.

Benefits of Hostinger

The following factors make Hostinger one of the top choices for beginners:

Affordable web hosting – The monthly cost of their lone shared hosting plan is merely $1.99. It offers excellent value for the money and is the cheapest you will find. If you already have a web address for your blog or online company, this is the best option.

Beginner-Friendly Interface – It’s simple and easy to sign up with them. There are no gimmicks or secret procedures.

Fast support – Rapid assistance – Hostinger provides support around the clock so you can obtain assistance when you need it.

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Good knowledge base – In addition to the usual assistance options, they have a sizable library of materials (blog posts, tutorials, etc.) covering subjects like hosting, websites, and even SEO.

Easy to use website builder – Use the Hostinger website builder to quickly create a website that is fast and responsive. Perfect for newcomers without a coding background.

For novices, Hostinger provides three programs (single shared hosting, premium shared hosting, and business shared hosting).

The single shared hosting plan ($1.99 per month) is the least expensive, but it does not come with a free domain name registration. So, choose this package if you already have a domain.

2. Bluehost


One of the most well-known web hosting firms in the world is called Bluehost. It is regarded by many as the best web host for novices.

In its server centers, Bluehost, which was established in 2003, supports more than 2 million websites. We still use the same hosting firm that we did when we initially started out to host our first website.

Bluehost’s benefits

Bluehost offers possibly the most user-friendly wizard to set up a new hosting account, making it quick and simple to get started. For first-time users who don’t want to wade through a plethora of selections or inquiries, this is crucial.

View the How to Start a Website (Easy Guide for Beginners) post to get a sense of the entire procedure. It just requires a short amount of time to finish, and it also comes with instructions on how to set up your first WordPress website.

Free domain name and email hosting – Free domain registration and unlimited email addresses are included with your hosting service.

Simply put, this implies that you may get all the services your new business needs, such as a domain name, hosting, and email, in one location. With Bluehost, building a website is also quite simple thanks to their 1-click installer service.

Transparent pricing – If you decide to use Bluehost to host your website, you will be aware of the cost both during the offer’s validity (as a new client) and after it expires. In the part after this, I’ll go into greater depth about this.

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost charges $4.95 per month to open a new account (for their Basic Plan). There is no need to upgrade to a higher plan because the features included in this one are more than sufficient for novices. As your website expands, you may easily upgrade as necessary.

The promotional pricing is good for the duration you select at sign-up (36 months), and you must pay the entire sum upfront.

3. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

In the hosting market, Inmotion hosting is a reputable brand. They have been in operation for more than 20 years and provide a variety of hosting services to meet any demand.

The benefits of Inmontion Hosting

We chose inmotion hosting for our list of the top beginner-friendly web hosting services because:

90-day money-back promise the money-back period is a significant consideration in determining the level of confidence a firm has in its goods, as stated in our hosting review criteria.

In the hosting sector, Inmotion has the greatest money-back guarantee policy. And for that reason alone, it qualifies for our list.

Developer-friendly – Friendly to developers You might need to engage a web developer to work on your website at some point when it expands. The resources provided by Inmotion make this process simple.

Faster performance – While all of the businesses in our list provide good performance, inmotion is always enhancing its infrastructure to provide its clients with the best performance, which translates into faster websites. We enjoy the website’s functionality and use it for a variety of clients.

Additional services – For affordable prices, after you become a customer, you can access additional services (such as website design). Other businesses do not offer this service.

Some key things to know about web hosting:

Linux hosting on a shared server is the best option for beginners. All types of websites, including WordPress, can use this.

The monthly cost of hosting is $2.59 to $5.99.

It’s preferable to register both your domain name and website with the same company.

You can switch to VPS or dedicated hosting when your website’s traffic increases.

All of the hosting companies on the above list enable free upgrades to more advanced plans.


Even if you can switch hosting providers if you’re dissatisfied with their service, it’s preferable to make the appropriate decision up front and stay with them over the long haul.

The businesses mentioned above are the most suitable for registering for your first hosting package.



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