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Every year on 25 December, the Christmas festival is celebrated with great pomp in India as well as abroad. Celebration of this day is celebrated with great pomp and noise on the occasion of the birthday of Jesus. For Christians, this festival is important from both a cultural and religious point of view.

In today’s era, people of every religion wait a lot for the Christmas festival every year and celebrate it with pomp. Many people also want to know about the places to visit for Christmas in India and plan a memorable trip in the last month of the year.

So if you too are thinking of going somewhere far away in December with your partner, family and children, then understand that this article is going to be very helpful for you because in this article we are going to tell you about places to visit in India in December.

About the place, the knowledge of which will make your heart flutter. In this article, we have given complete information about Places to visit at Christmas in India, through which you can easily choose the right place to enjoy Christmas. So without wasting time let us know about the places to visit on Christmas in India –



Like many tourist places in India, Manali is a wonderful and exciting place where you can truly enjoy celebrating Christmas. If you plan a trip here on the occasion of Christmas, then you can make this trip even more beautiful and enjoyable because here on the occasion of Christmas, people sing and dance in the church and organize very good programs.

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We all know that the Christmas festival is celebrated as a very important and religious festival for Christians. Goa also has an important place in the places which have more importance regarding the birthday of Jesus. Goa is famous for its beautiful beach and nightlife, as well as if we talk about Christmas Day, then every year on 25 December, the church here is decorated in a beautiful and memorable way.

Apart from this, the crowd of people here is very high, which gives you an opportunity to spend memorable moments. It ranks at the top of the list of best places to visit in December for couples in India. On the festival of Christmas, every house is decorated with candles and the children and adults here all enjoy Christmas till late night.


Sikkim is a very beautiful state full of natural beauty that has won the hearts of people. It is situated at an altitude of 5,410 meters. The view of the sunset from Sikkim looks very beautiful and engrossing, which gives a mesmerizing beauty to the surroundings here. At the end of the year in the month of December, the Christmas Day festival is celebrated with great pomp in Sikkim. If you are planning to travel somewhere during the winter season, then visiting Sikkim on Christmas Day can prove to be a very memorable moment for you.


The state of Kerala is very much known for the festival of Christmas. If you are trying to make the Christmas festival more memorable, then a trip to Kerala can be great for you. Beach lovers can also enjoy the trip to Kerala in this last month of the year, December.


A crowd of people throng here on the festival of Christmas and people celebrate the party by dancing and singing. Apart from this, a local feast is also held here on Christmas Day and at the same time people also like to sing carols. On Christmas there are parties all night long in Kerala.


The prominence of the Christmas festival is seen in the state of Tamil Nadu in Chennai. Where Christmas is prepared and celebrated with much fanfare. Here you will see very magnificent and candle-lit churches, which will really leave no stone unturned to fascinate you. Every year a huge crowd of people gather here to celebrate Christmas.


The city of Kolkata remains a topic of discussion on the occasion of Christmas. It is located in the state of West Bengal. You will get to see more than one church here. Kolkata is considered to be a very old colonial stronghold. If you want to make your Christmas this weekend entertaining and memorable, then book your tickets to Kolkata immediately and enjoy Christmas here. Kolkata’s big shops, shopping malls, roadside shops etc. have a lot of sales of heavily discounted products. Also, apart from rock band performances, there is also a glimpse of sound exhibitions.



Talking about the Christmas festival for people who believe in Christianity. Bengaluru is very famous and equally famous here is the Christmas Day festival. Which fills the hearts of people with happiness at the end of the year. If you want to live the last month of your year in a grand way and want to enjoy your upcoming festival of Christmas, then there can be no better trip than Bangalore.

There is more than one church in Bangalore, where programs are organized with pomp on the occasion of Christmas. Bangalore has churches in the heart of the city which were built by the Europeans and even today Christmas Day is celebrated here in a grand manner. If we talk about the main church here, then it should be apart from the church named St. Patrick on Brigade Road.


If you want to spend time with your partner or family during the Christmas festival, then a trip to Pondicherry will prove to be very exciting for you. Not only churches but also shopping malls and restaurants are lit up for Christmas in Pondicherry. If you plan to visit Pondicherry in the month of December especially on Christmas day. It will be a beautiful memory for you and you will never forget this day.



The beauty of Shillong and the charming litigants here add to the beauty of the Christmas festival. If you are planning to visit Shillong, then coming in the month of December on the occasion of Christmas Day will prove to be a very memorable moment for you. Compared to all other places to visit at Christmas in India, Shillong’s Christmas is also very charming.

A place called Shillong in the north eastern part of Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful and tourist places. Where every shopping mall, churches and shops are beautifully decorated during Christmas time. Christmas is enjoyed to the fullest. On the grand occasion of Christmas, the streets of Shillong and the churches here and all the houses are beautifully decorated. Apart from this, flowers are also used for decoration here in a very beautiful way.


Shimla is a very beautiful and attractive place surrounded by snow mountains. Where there is a huge crowd of tourists every year. While talking about the entertainment sources of Shimla. Let us tell you that if you come here on the Christmas festival in the month of December, then you cannot enjoy it much anywhere else. You can also enjoy snowfall here in the month of December on the snowy mountains of Shimla. In the list of Places to visit in Christmas in India, Shimla’s place is also very high in terms of Christmas celebration.


Ooty in the state of Tamil Nadu is a very attractive and charming sightseeing place. Where nature’s captivating form is seen. Not only do people enjoy the church here on Christmas Day. There is no dearth of places related to Christmas here. Which are suitable for enjoying Christmas. The special thing about Ooty is that here on the occasion of Christmas. All kinds of traditions are followed, due to which there is no lack of joy in the people there. And they celebrate the Christmas festival with great enthusiasm.


We hope you enjoyed and found this article very entertaining. Because here we have given complete details about places to visit on Christmas in India. If you are in the mood to make Christmas Day memorable in the month of December. Then we can say with the claim that through this article you can easily plan your trip on Christmas Day. For other similar articles, stay connected with our blog so that you can keep getting its updates and notifications.



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