Easy Ways To Drape A Designer Saree!

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When it comes to any Indian function that calls for traditional apparel, a saree is generally seen as the ideal option. It is the preferred option for Indian brides, especially during wedding ceremonies. This saree alters your personality and gives every bride the most moral (but stunning!) sense of fashion. It is lovely, graceful, elegant, and awesome while drape a designer saree.

We have some great suggestions for you if you’re wondering how to stand out while sporting a bridal silk saree or a chic chiffon saree to your wedding reception. The traditional technique of wearing a saree is gorgeous, but it’s not the only way to look good in one.

The saree, the most traditional item of clothing worn at Indian weddings, is also receiving contemporary embellishments. Salutations to the creative fashion designers and exceptionally talented fashion stylists who are showcasing to us saree draping patterns that have never been seen before. The newest trend among Bollywood divas, real brides, and exquisite bridesmaids is experimenting with sarees. And we recently came across some of the prettiest saree costumes, which we simply had to share with everyone.

You might not be aware that there is a tonne of more creative ways to wear your designer sarees. And now, we’re going to demonstrate several lovely and sophisticated ways for you to drape your saree for a wedding or other formal occasion.

Continue reading to discover the chic, current, and creative concepts of drape a designer saree that will enable you to depart from the conventional appearance.

Pre-Stitched Gown

These days, a variety of pre-stitched sarees are available in shops and online. You simply need to step into the pleats because they are already sewn into place. The most recent kind of saree outfit is a pre-stitched gown-style designer saree, which is perfect for a contemporary celebration. It has a sleek silhouette with brooch or belt details, a thin pallu for a trendy look, and is primarily netted or made of fabrics like georgette.

South Indian

How to drape a pattu saree or a Kanjivaram pure silk saree is a common query from soon-to-be brides who want to appear like a traditional South Indian bride. Pick one with a combination of light, dark, and gold tones, then drape it in the traditional Nivi manner. Make very large pleats for the shoulders and add a golden waist belt or layered chain to complete the traditional wedding attire.

Dhoti / Nauvari Saree

This is an intriguing way to drape a saree made of pure silk. The lower portion is similar to a man’s dhoti, but the pallu is still draped over the shoulder. So, you put on leggings or shorts underneath rather than a skirt or petticoat. Maharashtrian women have worn their sarees in this manner for ages and have always looked stunning. This style is also incredibly pleasant to wear.

Mermaid / Fish Style

This contemporary method of drapery for a typical six-yard saree is both artistic and refined. The bottom pleats are fanning out to complete the look, and the pallu is being moved from the back to the front and tucked in. The term comes from the lower half’s resemblance to a mermaid’s tail. This drape complements a chiffon or georgette saree well.

Bengali Touch

Beautiful and alluring, the saree draped in a Bengali manner highlights the zari or borderwork on the garment. The pallu must be positioned on your left shoulder before being brought forward and toward your right shoulder. Add a lovely tassel or key ring for more appeal, then tuck it nicely on the right side of your hip by pulling it under your arm.

Butterfly Drape

This saree-wearing method is perfect if you want to look elegant and stunning on your wedding day. Hang it normally to start, but make the pallu pleats incredibly tiny and streamlined. This gives you a sensuous vibe and draws attention to your toned waist. It is a great saree draping pattern for a party and is usually seen in Bollywood celebs.

The Lehenga

Yes, you are permitted to wear a stunning saree at the wedding in place of the costly lehenga. Make small pleats all the way around the saree, leaving a portion of the length to form the pallu if you’re wondering how to wear a simple designer saree in lehenga style. One pallu end should be brought forward and tucked in at the waist. The pallu can also be worn in front, as in the Gujarati drape.

Try New Age Silhouettes

It’s time for you to try sarees because they have undergone a significant transformation, from multi-tiered designer sarees that are already stitched to those with ruffles and asymmetrical hems.


We’re confident that now that you’ve seen several different ways to drape a designer saree, you’ll want to try a few of them out for yourself to determine which one best suit your personality. How did you discover that? Select a look that reflects your personal tastes and fits your level of comfort. Have a good time!



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