Have a Broken iPhone Screen? You Should Repair it Now!


So, you have broken your iPhone in some accident. What do you want now, an iPhone repair store, or you are purchasing a new one? If you had the choice between buying a new phone or repairing your iPhone, which would be better for you regarding time and money? You have to make a decision regarding your phone. You can fix or sell your cracked screen iPhone. You’re probably better off repairing your iPhone if you have a new one, or if you plan to use it for another year. It is cheaper to fix your broken iPhone than to buy a new iPhone.

If you’re deciding to buy a new smartphone or get your iPhone repaired, here are a few things to consider. 

Damage Problem

It is important to know which type of damage you have on the old iPhone before deciding whether to buy a new one or repair it. If your iPhone’s screen is cracked or the battery is old and slow, these problems can be easily fixed. However, internal damage may not be repaired immediately. The best option is to have your iPhone repaired if multiple parts are broken. Mobile Campus is one of the best mobile repairs in Sydney. They have experts to fix your broken iPhone like a new one. You can fix your iPhone without any hassle. The iPhone Screen repair Sydney is possible by the technicians of Mobile Campus.

Consider Price

One thing that people think about when they break their iPhones is the iPhone screen repair price. The cost varies according to the extent of the damage. Not all iPhone repair has the same price. Bigger damage will cost more to fix. There are several mobile repair shops that can repair your iPhone at cheap prices and Smartfonerepairs is one of them. It has experts to fix your iPhone. They don’t charge any extra money. If they can’t repair your iPhone then they will not charge any fee for it.


Many people choose to purchase insurance or a warranty with their new phone. In that case, if it is ever damaged or lost, the whole cost of repairing or replacing it will be covered. If the mobile repair shop is giving a good warranty, then avail it. If you are getting a new phone, don’t feel like you have to pay for one. They often end up not being worth it. Alfalah Mobiles is the best Sydney mobile phone repair store that offers 90 days warranty on their mobile repair services.

Upgrade and Age 

All you need to consider is the age of your iPhone when weighing the pros and cons of iPhone repair Sydney. Repairing an iPhone 12 is one thing, but repairing an iPhone 6 is an entirely different matter. Perhaps now is the right time to upgrade if you have an older model. You are best off getting your iPhone fixed if it is a new model. Mobile Campus can help you in making your iPhone like a new one. They are experienced in providing the best services all over Sydney.

How much Time will it Take to Repair.

How long can you go without your phone? For most people, a day is too long. You might have to wait a long time for an iPhone repair if you have to ship it away to an Apple Store. It can take longer to buy a new phone, depending on the shipping time and how long it takes wireless to activate the new device. A solution must be found, however. Smartfonerepairs can help you to repair your mobile phone in a short time. They have a team of experts who are sharp and quick. You won’t have to wait long for your phone to be repaired. You just have to wait a few hours and you will get your phone properly repaired within a one-day maximum.


If your carbon footprint is important to you, you will need an iPhone repair. What would you do if you wanted to get a new phone but didn’t know how to dispose of the old one? It is possible for broken smartphones to release harmful chemicals into the environment if they’re thrown out. iPhones are made of plastic, which does not decompose and leads to pollution. With no real use, older iPhones in the drawer aren’t much use. Fixing your iPhone is a more environmentally-friendly choice.

iPhone Repair Stores

If you want to repair your iPhone, are you worried about how much time and money it will take? The famous three mobile repair shops in Sydney can help you, Mobile Campus, Alfalah Mobiles, and Smart phone repairs. They offer the best quality iPhone repairing and replacement services at the cheapest prices. Go to the website and enter your zip code to find a repair shop near you. By contacting them through their website or phone number, you can make an online appointment before visiting them.


Therefore, it is concluded that iPhone repair is the best option to avail as compared to buying a new phone. Buying a mobile phone is much more expensive than the repair cost. The mobile campus had a team of specialized technicians who weren’t just skilled at repairing mobile phones, but also able to deal with customers. Only genuine replacement parts should be used in a quality repair service, and the repair shouldn’t take long to complete. They have been providing iPhone screen repair Sydney services for more than a decade.  Several of their locations are located throughout Sydney.

As a leading name in mobile repairs, they are growing their business. For their customers’ peace of mind, they offer a 90-day warranty on mobile devices. It has been difficult to repair the iPhone due to a number of factors. By using Smart phone repairs, you can avoid the high cost, complex replacement, and unlocked specialized equipment. They use high-quality repair parts. You will find out that iPhone was your best option if you’re repairing your iPhone by Smart phone repairs.



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