How Can I Download Videos from YouTube Without the App?

Download Videos From YouTube

If you don’t want to use the YouTube app or have a premium subscription, you can download videos from YouTube without paying for the app. However, you will lose HD video support. The maximum video resolution you can download is 360P. So, you may want to get a subscription for a better YouTube experience.

There are two main ways to download YouTube videos: the first is using a special software program, and the second is downloading them directly on your computer. The first method involves adding “SS” to the YouTube video link, which will take you to a download page. Once there, you can press the download button to save the audio or video to your computer.

When you download music from YouTube, you should pay attention to the license. Some songs are protected by a copyright, which means that using them without a proper license could be a criminal offence. Always check with your country’s laws to make sure you are not breaking any laws.


If you are looking for a way to download videos from YouTube without using the app, you can try YTMp3. The software is available free of charge and can download a wide variety of video formats. You can also export or import your list of downloaded videos to share them with friends. Another great feature of the software is its ability to play downloaded files directly on your computer, eliminating the need for third-party players.


Another free option is to use VLC, a free multimedia player. This software can download videos in various formats, including mp3 and mov. It is very easy to use and supports multiple platforms. It can even download subtitles from YouTube videos.

Mp3 Juice

One of the best ways to download videos from YouTube without the app is to use the Mp3 Juice website. It allows you to search for music in many different genres, year of release, and file type. Search results are sorted by relevance, and you can also see the most popular tracks. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download to your computer.

Mp3 Juice

After choosing the quality and format, Mp3 Juice will open a new tab. From there, you can view the video and click the Download button. Once the download has been completed, the video will be saved to your computer. Mp3 Juice is easy to use and is available for iOS, Android, and PC.


GenYoutube is one of the best ways to download YouTube videos. It offers a clean interface and has very few ads. It also allows you to preview the videos before you download them. It supports 55 different formats, including mobile-friendly and HDTV resolutions, Vevo videos, age-restricted videos, and region-protected videos. It can also handle multiple simultaneous downloads.

Another advantage of GenYoutube is its safety. It is safe to use and has no risk of infection. While there are limitations around copyright infringement, the app is generally regarded as legal by most authorities. It allows users to download videos from YouTube and upload them to their computer. It also supports ad monetization, and it works offline.


GenYT is a web-based tool that lets you download videos from YouTube without installing an app. The program searches through the web for videos based on keywords you type in. It then downloads them to your device. GenYT supports mp3, mp4 and 3gp file formats. It can run on most modern browsers.

GenYT has an interface that looks and works like YouTube, so you can browse through videos and set up download parameters. You can then start downloading videos in a matter of seconds. It also allows you to loop the videos. This is useful for those who work in demanding environments or are unable to watch videos all the time.

The app is available for iOS and Android gadgets, and can be installed without any specialized expertise. It offers a range of download options, such as switching between storage devices. You can even set the quality of your recordings before downloading. The files are high-quality, allowing you to watch them on a large screen. You can even choose which resolution to download, and even transfer them from the pursue bar to another device if you want.



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