South Goa Sightseeing Package- An Amazing Tour You Won’t Want to Miss!

Goa Tour

Goa is one of the tourist places in India, where people from all over the world visit every year to relax, to enjoy, and to get away from their busy lives back home. Goa has quite a few amazing sights to offer its visitors—sunset beaches, old churches, beautiful temples, and lots more! We’re going to explore one of Goa’s most popular attractions—the South Goa Sightseeing Package. If you’re looking for an exciting tour of Goa that includes all of your favorite sites and activities, then this package by banbanjara will definitely catch your eye!

Explore The North:

The first day of your South Goa package will bring you to North Goa, where we’ll cover some of its most famous and historic places such as Betal Fort, Church of St. Andrew, Brindavan Gardens and Don Bosco church. The same evening we’ll take you on a lovely walk through Candolim Beach Road. We’ll also give you an opportunity to visit Sinquerim beach – but only if you’re up for it. And finally, while returning from North Goa, we’ll have a glimpse of Mapusa city, covering Gaon junction and Mapusa market areas before returning back home.

Embark On A Cruise Along The Mandovi River:

On day two of your South Goa sightseeing package, you’ll have a day in Goa. To get started, take a boat cruise along the Mandovi River. Traveling along one of India’s most scenic rivers on a colorful boat will give you some quality family time while also providing some incredible views of local life. Stop by at Velsao Beach and Morjim Beach for some great swimming and sunbathing opportunities as well. Next up on your South Goa sightseeing package is Panaji.

Unwind At Hanging Gardens:

The Hanging Gardens are considered a true marvel by some. The sight of these waterfalls is not only enchanting but also comforting. Hanging in midair, it almost seems impossible how they were created and even more so how they’ve been able to remain stable for centuries. These beautiful gardens make for an unforgettable day trip, one that you won’t want to miss! Don’t forget your camera; photos here will be worth a thousand words when telling others about your experience.

Head Back To Panjim:

Now that you’ve explored some of South Goa, it’s time to head back. Visit Old Goa on your way and savor your last taste of South India. Get a tour and take in some of its historic churches and cathedrals, or just wander around and enjoy what you can. As with most trips in India, there will be a lot of things happening all at once. Pack it all in because you’ll be heading back home tomorrow morning.

Take A Nature Walk In Old Goa:

Located in South Goa, Old Goa is a spiritual haven and home to some of India’s most beautiful churches. It was once Asia’s richest colonial city and is now one of India’s top tourist destinations. Make sure you take a walk along its quaint streets, which are lined with trees and buildings that date back centuries. Old Goa is known for its temples, as well. Visit Bom Jesus Church and Saint Cajetan Church; both were built in 1605 and considered architectural marvels. End your day with dinner at Coconut Grove Resort, which overlooks Vasco Da Gama Bridge across Mandovi River

Hit The Beach:

Just like in Brazil, some of Goa’s top beaches aren’t actually on an island; instead, they’re right near one. The beach towns around Candolim are a must for tourists and locals alike. Miramar is home to beautiful white sand, making it perfect for families with young children and those who don’t like rough surf. This wide stretch of coastline is also where you’ll find the famous Arpora Music Festival and Candolim’s nightlife hotspots. In addition to its gorgeous sands, Benaulim has a more secluded feel than nearby resorts, which gives visitors a good idea of what life might be like if they lived in India as expats or foreigners.

Watch Fado Music in Panjim and dine at Margo’s famous restaurants:

We begin with a visit to Panjim, a town that serves as the main political hub of Goa. However, it’s not all business in Panjim; most evenings, tourists and locals gather at restaurants and bars for feasts of vada pav (an Indian bread sandwich), gol gappas (boiled potatoes in water served with a tangy tamarind and spice sauce) or simply shots of local feni liquor. The night ends with a performance of fado music at one of India’s best Portuguese restaurants. Fado is similar to traditional flamenco music but is sung in Portuguese and includes an additional guitar accompaniment.



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