Tips To Plan Your 5th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Completing five years of marriage calls for celebration and you won’t prefer to miss the excitement. So, if you have just completed five years of matrimonial bliss, you need to rev up your planning in advance.

One of the major aspects of planning is researching party halls in Houston to celebrate five years of togetherness. The sooner you start searching the venue the better it is for you to decide how to plan the rest of the event. Selecting the venue will again depend on the guest list. For instance, you may hire a small party venue if your guest list does not exceed a hundred. But for over three hundred people, you will need a bigger banquet hall to celebrate.

Here are the Steps to Planning Your Fifth Anniversary Celebrations:

1. Set the Time

If your anniversary day falls on weekdays, you may plan to celebrate the next weekend. But a few couples want to celebrate on the same day. So the celebration should be in the evening to allow a maximum number of guests to attend the occasion. The couple needs to discuss how the entire celebration should be planned. From the theme to the catering services, each aspect of planning should make you happy.

2. Picking a Location

You might want to celebrate the occasion in one of the best party venues in Houston but what should the location be? Would you want to celebrate in the heart of the city or in a quaint location that is not too far from the city? An ideal party venue in Houston you can pick is Azul Reception Hall. They have an umbrella of services and banquet halls for small and large parties where you can celebrate the completion of five years of your marriage gleefully.

3. Try Something New

Celebrating five years of marital bliss is an accomplishment for every couple and a time when they memorize their journey from the days of the past to the present times. So, let there be something new, a montage of old and new photographs shown on the slide that will remind them of good times. Make sure there is solidarity in every aspect of planning and the couple should be on the same page when planning the celebration. Apart from this, friends and families can also plan surprises for the couple with floral themes or fun themes that add zeal to the occasion.

4. Choosing a Theme

Now, one of the most important aspects of the party is choosing a theme. The theme determines the center point or the main focus of the occasion. For instance, you may have a rustic theme or a modern theme where you may have a grand entrance.

The theme can also surround the couple’s original marriage theme that reminisces the occasion. There are plenty of anniversary symbols on which you can focus to make sure you are in the right spot and heading toward a perfect celebration. Make sure the party halls in Houston TX you are searching for align with your theme and the guest list you are expecting right now. Explore the party venue in detail as it is the mainstay of your occasion.

5. Planning the Food and Drinks

What is your plan to serve the guests? What kind of food and drinks would you want to have at the anniversary party? If you stick to a modern theme, make sure the food and drinks you are planning to serve are also modern. But if you are leveraging a traditional theme, you need to be more careful about choosing the menu as it needs to sync with the overall theme and should have things that your guests prefer. The food and drinks arrangement should also align with the age group of the attendees. Several reception halls in Houston TX will offer you a wide range of options to choose from.

6. Decoration

The decoration is another point you need to consider when planning the party and it is here that you can add customized touches to the venue. If you are arranging the occasion in a private party venue, you will get the opportunity to add personalized touches or leave it to the banquet owner or pick from their options. Do not get over-enthusiastic when planning the occasion as you will miss out on the essential elements. You can have custom balloons, banners, floral arrangements, photos, and various other elements to decorate the party. Why don’t you search for ideas for decoration in the best party venues in Houston?

When it comes to planning your fifth wedding anniversary celebrations, try to avoid stress by choosing the venue first. Once you know the size of the venue and the guest list, you can plan the rest of the occasion cheerfully and celebrate with great pomp.



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