What are the Responsibilities of an SAP Consultant?

SAP Consultant

If you have a passion for software and computer systems and an interest in simplifying procedures, you may look for a career as an SAP consultant. Many SAP consultants enjoy their professions since they have lucrative job opportunities and good income potential. Thus, learning about some of the major responsibilities of SAP consultants might help you determine whether or not this job is for you. We will explore what an SAP consultant is, the type of different SAP consultant positions, and their key responsibilities in this detailed article.

SAP Consultants: Meaning

An SAP consultant is an expert that assists businesses in searching for the best software to match their requirements. Here, SAP stands for systems, applications, and products, and most SAP consultants focus on one of two aspects of data processing; functional or technical. However, most SAP consultants with expertise in software development and programming concentrate on the technical aspects of SAP software. Moreover, few financial consultants focus on a specific functional area inside a company. Therefore, SAP Training in Noida is the best option for every individual looking for a career in this domain.

Different Types of SAP Consultants

You can classify SAP consultants into four types. Such consultants include the following:

Developer consultants

These SAP consultants are in charge of writing Java and ABAP programs.

Business and sales consultant

Business or sales SAP consultants prioritize project success at the client level.

Functional SAP Consultants

They closely collaborate with developers to produce personalized code for ABAP programs, modifying SAP to match customer requirements.

SAP Basis consultant

An SAP basis consultant helps install, maintain, and fine-tune databases and SAP servers. However, SAP Basis consultants may have additional tasks depending on the project’s magnitude.

Responsibilities of SAP Consultants

SAP consultants are responsible for analyzing, creating, and configuring computer systems and software to fulfill their employer’s or client’s demands. However, they verify that the operations are streamlined and functional for end users. Also, they collect input from end users and make changes as needed. While their particular tasks may vary based on the type of consulting they provide, the following are some of the most common responsibilities:

  • Automate and optimize accounts payable and financial accounting process, updates, change fiscal year, and migrate OSDB
  • Create an order-to-cash process that includes inquiries, orders, invoicing, and shipping
  • Configure the credit management feature of the company to simplify accounts receivable operations.
  • Create user manuals and technical instructions for end-users
  • Analyze an organization’s current computer systems, identify improvement areas, and offer solutions to the management team


To conclude, we have compiled the different responsibilities of SAP Consultants, which make them key personnel in any organization. Thus, to understand the different SAP concepts, it is necessary to go for SAP Training in Gurgaon.



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