Top 5 Best First Ever Watches


If you’re looking to buy your first ever watch. Welcome to the club. Buying your first watch is a big step. It can be tough though; there’s just so many options out there. Well, we’re here to help you with this monumental decision. We will go over 5 of the best watches that are great for first-time buyers. These watches will focus on affordable watches since you shouldn’t go too crazy with your first ever watch. Instead, buy a simple and well-built watch model at an affordable price to see how you like wearing one in the first place.

1) Timex Weekender                       

First up, we have the Timex Weekender watch. This makes for an ideal first watch purchase for a number of reasons. The first is affordability. This watch’s low price allows you to experience a watch for the first time without investing too much into it. The next reason is versatility. This watch can really do it all, in spite of its simplicity. It can go with fancier outfits for formal occasions, or it can be worn daily and casually with no problem. The simple and timeless design will allow you to feel comfortable wearing this watch whenever and wherever you want.                                         

Another reason this is a great first watch is customizability. The strap on this watch is very easy and inexpensive to replace with a different color or different material. This will allow you to experiment with multiple styles using the same watch. This way, you can know if the style of a watch is for you. It will also be your introduction to customizing your watch strap after purchase, which is something many enthusiasts do regularly.                                                                      

The Timex Weekender is the safe option, which is exactly what you want from your first watch. It has tons of great reviews on Amazon, and you have the backing of a reliable, affordable watchmaker in Timex.

2) Casio F91W                                              

Next up, we have the Casio F91W, a fan favorite among many watch enthusiasts. As you can see, this is a digital watch. Although analog watches are often preferred for their classic look, digital watches have some advantages especially for newcomers to the watch game. For example, digital watches are super easy to read. This makes them extremely functional and competent at serving the purpose of a watch, which is to tell time.    

This Casio is a great first digital watch because it is cheap, durable, and light weight. It’s not large and brash; it’s simple and refined. This watch lasts wearers for a long time because of its solid build quality. Casio is a reputed watchmaker for this reason. Despite their low prices, they make decent quality products. This makes them perfect for first timers.

3) Bertucci DX-3                                          

Bertucci is an American watch company that produces military style field watches. As such, they have simple designs and robust builds. We chose this watch for a similar reason as the Timex. It is super easy to customize the strap on this watch. You will mostly be limited to leather and nylon straps, but the color choice is yours. If you buy this as your first watch, you can experience a second watch by just replacing the strap. You can save lots of money this way. In addition, these field watches just look plain cool.                                 

4) Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison Field Watch                                         

Sticking with the theme of field watches, let’s move on to this version from Citizen. It has all the same benefits as the last watch, but with added features. You can see that this watch has a day/date display, referring to the small window displaying the day and date. This adds a lot of functionality to the watch. It is also made from stainless steel so it is even more durable and high quality.                                                   

The main reason we believe this watch to be a great first buy is because of Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology. Eco-Drive refers to Citizen watches that are powered by light: sunlight and artificial light. As long as you wear this watch out in the light every now and then, it will continue running for a long time to come. You don’t need to replace the battery every few years as with the other models on this list. This means that this watch will last you a very long time with no maintenance whatsoever. It’s a hassle-free watch.                     

I admit that it is more expensive than the previous options we gave. However, for this level of convenience and longevity, it is well worth the price.

5) Citizen Eco-Drive AW0102-13A

Continuing with the ultra-convenient Eco-Drive line, I also want to give you a fancier watch. Sometimes, people buy their first watch right before a wedding or other big event. This watch is perfect to get some high-end fashion that can also be worn every day. It has that same Eco-Drive technology in a vastly different case. This watch is sleek and luxurious, instead of tactical and militaristic. It will go great with a dressier outfit.

It has a beautiful and detailed dial with pointy hands. The symmetrical placement of the day and date windows adds to the elegance of this watch. The silver-tone stainless steel exudes luxury. All of this for a pretty affordable price point of $160.


We hope that this guide inspired you to take that first step and buy your first watch. Before you do, remember that fashion need not break the bank. It’s entirely possible to find a good quality watch, or any clothing item for that matter, for an affordable price. The most important thing to consider when looking for your first watch is your personal preference and taste. If you like the watch you chose, who cares what others will think? These watches in this guide are simply some of my personal favorites that I would recommend to any first-time watch buyer. I hope you liked them as well, but at the end of the day, buy what You like.



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